Thursday, March 4, 2010

I gotta start somewhere!

I always wanted to blog but owh just look at how I suck at writing. I'm determined this time, to give it a shot..but where do i begin? ..^^ hemm.. /hmm

Ok let's start with how i feel now- easy peasy..

I miss Fariz..and i find myself constantly trying hard not to bother him with endless texts and calls..being in the office alone doesnt help. Everyone is out for some surveillance thingy and im dead bored! why does he has to be super busy while i've got literally nothing to do? geez..
(no im not complaining that u're busy sayang, but i need distraction!)
-owh so then blogging is quite a healthy idea kan? i can ramble and babble, complain and whine to keep me sane and in line..*wink*

and this will keep us on track of how long we've been very much in love

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  1. sayang!

    thank u so much for creating this blog for us :)i will try my best to contribute something in this page. so u will know how much i loooooove u VERY MUCH as well.

    thank u sayang. it really means a lot!