Saturday, March 27, 2010

Need to lose weight? well get braces you fatty

It doesn’t bother me anymore how they squeeze my teeth together and make them feel tight, but my tongue gets sore from rubbing against the inside edges of the bottom braces..

and the pain and scraping is making me so irritable that I even start to get a lil bit too annoyed with Fariz and have to shoo him off the phone coz I just bloody cant talk!

I am sorry sayang :( I feel uncomfortable and I know I shouldnt be so temperamental

au contraire, I finally began to start eating again and enjoying proper meals except that yesterday it was more like I went on an eating rampage. I had a plate of salmon Aglio Olio from El Migos for lunch, a fish platter at F-cube cafe around 6pm and a ramly burger which I just couldnt resist, before I scoot to bed..(yes nothing can beat those mouth watering ramly burger, not even BK or McD)

anyway, my plan on losing weight shall resume soon as I am getting my braces tighten again tomorrow..I will go back to my usual diet: nutella hazelnut spread on a spoon and licked yummy

(ok shut up I know it probably has even more calories than a proper meal)

Can someone buy me this? At least this way, losing weight can be more fun and I will be more tempted to go near it and take a look


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