Thursday, May 26, 2011

me and my happy ending

helloooo... anybody (still) here?

Sorry for being pretty MIA lately. I haven't been busy, just lazy -_-". have a listen to The Lazy Song; it pretty much sums up how I feel right now hehe

despite my inactivity, am actually both pleased and surprised to find there is still a trickle of traffic that has been keeping this space alive. and honestly, whenever someone asks me to update my blog , I always feel obligated to do so

So, here goes.. time for a new (crappy) post, just for the sake of it pffftt




So what have I been up to?

curling up in bed reading and counting down the days to seeing that special person again :) It gets really hard being alone in a room that has traces of Fariz in it *ahem but right now, there is one thing that is motivating me to buck up;

our honeymoon!

nothing (and no one) is going to stop me from visiting the mall next weekend. to justify myself I will focus more on the needs for winter *winks*

Having said that, can you now guess where we'll be heading to?

owh but lets not jinx it!

anyway back to the matter in hand, these are the books that I am trying to finish. Yes all three of them all at once.

I know, I know not exactly relevant anymore-_-" but hey some people fawn over their own wedding and perpetually talk/write about them, and at least I don't.

I just want to continue to dream..

Fariz bought me these books prior to our wedding. Remember that time when I was on the verge of a melt-down? (ooooowh such a distant memory) Fariz ran out of stupid jokes to tell me so he brought me to the bookstore instead. I whisked every book with the word 'wedding' or 'bride' off the chick lit shelf.

(I blame it on the cute book covers) hehe

On a slightly related note, Fariz is currently (because he should) having his face buried in books too. Good news is, after 5 semesters of arduous labour, he has finally reach the final stretch! can't wait to say good bye to weekend classes and soon have my husband all to last..

until then, trips to KL has to be put on hold and I shall give him a little more space than what he has asked for (because we both know better how much distraction I am to him) but even if I can't be there in person, I will sure be in spirit. I’m praying to God to let him pass this hurdle with ease and flying colours. because well, we all know he truly deserves it...

all the best to you baby!

Monday, May 16, 2011

we only part to meet again

How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard

Thursday, May 12, 2011

A home in the making

Last weekend saw Fariz and I on a whirlwind adventure of non-stop sweeping, wiping, scrubbing, dusting and mopping our new little crib

before you ask, it's nothing glamorous, that place. It is so 'cute' in the sense that if I stand in one corner of the house, I can hear Fariz peeing in the bathroom-_-"

anyway, at least now we can proudly say.. we have a place to call ours. A few days ago I was suddenly hit by a realization that moving into an empty house despite it being so small is still way easier than into someone else's house. Reminds me of an ex-BF who strictly insisted that we stay with his mother after getting hitch..blerrrgh..luckily I escaped ;p

our house is still very empty but we're filling it up slowly. Frankly, we have nothing but unsurprisingly to me Sthat only means one thing : a whole lot of shopping weee!

so now I have a new hobby. interior design and making wish list :)


I thought that this will be fun until I figured that Fariz still thinks that buying a washing machine is top on his priority list while what I really want is to get an air-cond installed, first thing first!

It is just so freaking hot, these days. The heat made me ask Fariz to not come close to me coz I feel so sticky and uncomfortable. So I let him drool as he look at me from afar hahahaha padan muka!
and we ended up with no cuddles before sleep and waking up facing each others back :(

clearly, comfort is more important to human survival marital bliss, than him being so anal about washing his clothes..pffft

and I want a bed in our bedroom but Fariz thinks loafing on thin mattresses and blankets in the living room is far more adventurous and interesting. and he calls this 'camping'. wth

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Married.or not.or married.or not

While I do look forward to moving in with Fariz, I think living out of suitcases like now can be quite fun ;p

Packing is a hassle (especially that now I have to also think of what to wear to bed ;p) but I figured a way to overcome this: which is by swinging back into my weekly shopping routine! having bought something new for every weekend seems to miraculously motivate me into packing *whoopsss* smart excuse for shopping right?<-- a rhetorical question, please do not answer

and even when my weekly trips to the airport may seem daunting, the thought of Fariz awaiting with chocolates in his hand (yes he still does this, I can hardly believe it too!!!) and the feeling of throwing my arms around his neck then be rewarded with a kiss, well... makes up for all the pain from such long wait and tiring journey ;)

and plus I love the stares people give us when we do this because they think we're not married or jealous whatever but heLLo we are! *flashes shinny rock on finger* muahahaha

then with the limited time in our hands, we'd go on doing all the typical things that every other dating couples do too. Eat, shop, dine, watch movie, take pictures, laugh, burger, ice-cream, doughnuts, eat, popcorn, shoes, shop, take pictures, eat, repeat..yeah we're boring like that, I sometimes for a little bit drama in our lives, we fight too -_-" ehehe

cry, scream, curse, hit Fariz with handbag well, you get the drill...

Now do you know why you can always see us ending up at some fast-food around the town?

Me: what if when we start living together we fight a lot?

Fariz: alaaa, takpe la..kalau you marah I hantar you pegi McD, nak?


he still thinks I'm a 5 year old who he can buy with cheap happy meals pffft...
I might as well stop growing up now...

p.s: actually my point is apart from the kiss, I don't feel like married at all-_-"

Miss Syazana (on Valentines)

Mrs. Fariz (on the most recent ice-cream date)

spot any differences at all?
No right?