Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Married.or not.or married.or not

While I do look forward to moving in with Fariz, I think living out of suitcases like now can be quite fun ;p

Packing is a hassle (especially that now I have to also think of what to wear to bed ;p) but I figured a way to overcome this: which is by swinging back into my weekly shopping routine! having bought something new for every weekend seems to miraculously motivate me into packing *whoopsss* smart excuse for shopping right?<-- a rhetorical question, please do not answer

and even when my weekly trips to the airport may seem daunting, the thought of Fariz awaiting with chocolates in his hand (yes he still does this, I can hardly believe it too!!!) and the feeling of throwing my arms around his neck then be rewarded with a kiss, well... makes up for all the pain from such long wait and tiring journey ;)

and plus I love the stares people give us when we do this because they think we're not married or jealous whatever but heLLo we are! *flashes shinny rock on finger* muahahaha

then with the limited time in our hands, we'd go on doing all the typical things that every other dating couples do too. Eat, shop, dine, watch movie, take pictures, laugh, burger, ice-cream, doughnuts, eat, popcorn, shoes, shop, take pictures, eat, repeat..yeah we're boring like that, I know..so sometimes for a little bit drama in our lives, we fight too -_-" ehehe

cry, scream, curse, hit Fariz with handbag well, you get the drill...

Now do you know why you can always see us ending up at some fast-food around the town?

Me: what if when we start living together we fight a lot?

Fariz: alaaa, takpe la..kalau you marah I hantar you pegi McD, nak?


he still thinks I'm a 5 year old who he can buy with cheap happy meals pffft...
I might as well stop growing up now...

p.s: actually my point is apart from the kiss, I don't feel like married at all-_-"

Miss Syazana (on Valentines)

Mrs. Fariz (on the most recent ice-cream date)

spot any differences at all?
No right?

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