Saturday, April 30, 2011


great friends are God's gifts to us..
and when God's gifts to us give us gifts?

aren't we just truly blessed?

unwrapping boxes and boxes of wedding presents
aaah~ so this is how Christmas feels.. :p

and here is on the other side of my (new) world.. where it feels as if there were more kids than gifts -_-"

who are more excited about the gifts than we ourselves are -_-"

While I frankly don’t remember at this point who gave us which gifts, I do remember the gifts..and I do remember who gave us gifts especially those who also took the time to write us long-winded wishing cards like this!

Featured card from Lee Yin :) probably the next person after Fariz who currently knows me best :)

and speaking of kids.... she wrote:

hahahahaha *rolls off the chair*

but darl, having children is not high on my values list right now hehehe

and plus I can't have babies now coz I don't know how to make them yet-_-"

So for now, it'll just be the two of us, man and wife :)

and thanks in part to those who had kindly gave us a myriad of wedding gifts, we can now begin to slowly settle down into our little place we call ours (more on that some other entry!)

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