Thursday, April 28, 2011

Friday I'm in Love

hey ho!
a late post, but better late than never right? :)

So..while I am still in the state of bliss and before it becomes irrelevant for me to still gush over my wedding, here's a sneak peek of the solemnization ceremony that took place on Friday I'm in love the 15th :)

note that these are unofficial pictures, kindly taken by my brother and sister with big cameras yet their almost non-existent photography skill pfftt...-_-" so, bear with the inconsistent/ poor quality please..

OMG my Ex-boyfriend!!
so cute please..*drool* hahaha

Fariz and I tied the knot in the comfort of my home: a small ceremony that was nothing close to perfect..why? because mother nature was too happy for us and decided to cry bucketful of tears. There were thunderstorms of torrential proportions.. so the whole evening was being pushed back because of the drenching downpour and Fariz (plus a lot of other people including the Qadi: the person giving out the nikkah sermon) was F.A.S.H.I.O.N.A.B.L.Y late..

anyway, at the very least my dress, make-up and the dais, it all came together beautifully. Naturally, I was a bundle of nerves but my anxiety was mostly over mundane things: like getting ready in time and looking nice for the photographs :)

my dress was a wee bit snug (and I loooove it that way) but as if that's not good enough, a couple of days prior to the wedding I actually googled "how to look skinny in photographs" just because it was easier doing that than going on a diet which was already too late to begin anyway hahaha

In fact this little white dress was inspired by a picture of some random girl that I found over the internet, again thanks to my hardcore googling skills :p

Most of all I was expecting major water works on my part but it didn't happen YAY! (why do brides weep on their wedding day, anyway?) clearly vanity took over and I was more worried about smudging my make-up and looking like a monster.. so I was as cool as a cucumber hahaha minus that I had my heart beating so fast, but people can't see that...

can you? :p

dup dap dup dap moments

I think I must also mention that Fariz said the akad ONE time only (don't know why this matters but some people like to ask and are proud about it) so hail to Fariz Yaaaaaaaaaay! you're the man,'re the man!!

after all said and done, we are married like f.i.n.a.l.l.y!..
in hindsight, it's true that at the end perfection really lies in having picked the right partner and nothing more :) and I knew it all along that Fariz is the right one for me, but why was I so stress? naturally coz I just want everything to be the best they could be.. face it, a bride's gotta do what a bride's gotta do, ok?

anyway to those who came, THANK YOU for wanting to be part of my special day :)) it made a lot of difference having all of you girls thanks a million and million of thanks!

especially to you, Awien! (high school BFF)
don't think I can thank you enough, but I'll say it anyway:
thank you for putting up with me and helping around like a family :)
you are the best..

owh it was so nice to be a princess

p.s: some nicer photos by OP can be found here

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