Friday, January 27, 2012

Save me!


Before Fariz, I was once a damsel in distress who dated Mr.X.

Mr. X is totally Mr. Wrong. and Mr. Wrong is Mr. X.

I don't know what would have happened if Fariz never came to save me back then. I guess, probably still searching my soul -___-" The relationship was just too weird and all too wrong that I can clearly remember the pain of spending every minute of my waking hours contemplating whether to let go or to not let go. It was very hard, though I still don't quite understand why.

but since the day Fariz stepped into my life, my faith for love and fairy tales got restored! I spent a few days being in a 'relationship' with two people at once but you know I better be safe than sorry! #selfish# I mean I've got to hold on to Fariz and his interest towards me in case he changes his mind while I make up my own right? ;p after thinking and over thinking my choices, I decided that the grass is always greener on the other side and I always like fresh brand new boys things anyway wtf, so off I threw the old Mr.X out of the window and told him goodbye (again easier said than done).

"sometimes you have to
let go of the past, to
make room for better things"
but it didn't quite end right there. Every now and then (and 2 years plus ever since) Mr.X still tries to re-establish contacts out of the blue. He is annoying because he dissipates as he pleases and comes back with casual hellos, as if nothing has changed.

but COME ON lah things have changed! by a lot!

I used to feel stirred by his coming and going but that was long before Fariz decided to totally sweep me off my feet. and now I don't feel his pain anymore (or rather mine). I'm really sorry that I've chosen to walk a different path in life and I am sorry I still end up at the same happy goal. Ok maybe I cheated but perhaps we both simply deserve somebody better so please I don't wish anyone to be angry at me right now *big wet puppy eyes*


Sometimes I think Fariz and I should have met earlier in our lives. Saves us (and a number of other people) from heartbreaks and heartaches :)

anyway, the reason I wrote all of this is actually just to say that Fariz got me a new mobile number. and the cherry on the top has gotta be a spanking new phone too!! Thank you Sayang (for the iphone, not really the new number)

we've decided that it's time for Mr.X to move on (because we already did) and to help him with that I'm terminating my current number so that he can't reach me no matter how he tries *weak smile*

Reciprocity of liking

I'm moving to a new city and let’s face it— although exhilarating it is a daunting life change. Pretty soon, I'll have to get to know the new place, my new job and the people!! yes NEW PEOPLE! I know this sounds a little silly but I am nervous!

What's bothering me the most is the feeling of uncertainty about my colleagues-to-be: are they the friendly tribe or a bunch of bullying noobs? will they think I'm pretty ugly? will they like my shoes? #vain

you know why?? because I'm no good at making new friends!! (not good at keeping old friends either but that's another story) I like people who likes me and I will smile back if you smile at me! Also I'm not funny (unlike Fariz who has that permanent smile plastered all over his face uurrggh..) and all I wish for is people know that being friendly and bonding with people doesn't come easy for me. Although good thing is once you're on the list, you'll be forever on the list.

So, hurry up get in the queue now!

but if you think I'm weird, maybe it's coz you've not heard of the "Reciprocity of Liking" rule? I stand by that, like totally.

Adapting to the new place will probably take some time, but in the meanwhile Fariz will have to put on his full-time-husband+boyfriend+bestfriend+your everything-hat to somehow accommodate the feeling of distance of my far away family and old friends.

Anyway, on a totally different note, here's some pictures from the weekend :)

Fariz took me to meet the United Buddy Bears!
the bears reflect the masterpiece of the cultural wealth of our world. but I'm just not exactly artsy fartsy so I won't be spilling comments in this category LOL

so go and hug the bears yourselves yo!
and finaaaally a picture of me and the majestic dragon,
well because it's Chinese New Year people!

p.s: Internet shopping habit is getting more out of control. Yikes!

goodbye long distance

I don't want to start talking about leaving this place that I conveniently call home but seriously the traveling back and forth kills the s*** out of me already -__-

So, Fariz and I are officially moving in together this Feb! like finally!

goodbye Long Distance and hellllllo Living Together

for some reason somebody is freaking out a little

coz I am certainly no picnic to live with *evil queen*


Don't worry, this is just a joke. Fariz bought this during our honeymoon to cheer me up :) and we certainly believe that the only rules in our marriage are those we both choose to agree with :)

Monday, January 9, 2012

homey homey

You see, since I'm moving in pretty soon, Fariz and I are undergoing a bit of lifestyle inflation. So, last weekend shopping involved a field trip to IKEA where I procured a number of cute little things that I don't necessary need, but I want!

weee! I'm so happy, shopping for my imaginary house with my imaginary money!!

I am not an IKEA fanatic, but I have bought my fair share of household goods there. IKEA allows poor people like me to afford a desk, lamp and wardrobe in cute colors and shape. Sure, some of their things fall apart faster than you can piece them together, but it's great while it lasts. Sooo hard to resist..sigh.....

but Fariz pretty much dread this place... they have cool stuff to look at, but it’s definitely a dangerous store, for his wallet, that is. But I don't care, if he insists on sharing his life, his home and his bed with me, I insist that I shop, he pays :)

Mission 1: to buy table lamps

Mission 2: to check out IKEA kitchens regardless of what Fariz thinks about my cooking skills pffft...

We sat on the couches, opened the drawers, pretended to have a mini-party and I don't know about Fariz but at this age, I would think that IKEA is more fun than Disneyland :)

On a slighly different note, I can't wait to move in with Fariz and turn our little home into my dream barbie-all-pink doll house ;p Gotta get used to living with a girl, hun :)

best (impulsive) purchase of the day:
IKEA quilt cover and pillowcases set :)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year!!

almost a week late from posting but better than never. Happy New Year everybody!

2011 was a big year for me which somehow managed to passed by in a jiff. So much has happened that I am not even sure where to start. I certainly have a lot of reminiscing to do, a lot to be thankful for, a lot of heart warming adventures & lessons-learned that I wanted to share.. but my endocrine functions are pretty screwed up right now (blame work!) so I'll save that for another post. Stay tuned.

but on the whole, it has been a bittersweet year for Fariz and I (for obvious reasons). Probably the most life changing year we’ll ever have but no doubt those events that took place, they are mostly on the good side.

and I am surely excited about what I cannot see, but can joyfully imagine :) so here's hoping that the coming year be just as pleasant, if not better better!

A safe, happy and peaceful 2012 to all of you.
Cheers to a fresh start! Clean slate :)