Friday, January 27, 2012

Reciprocity of liking

I'm moving to a new city and let’s face it— although exhilarating it is a daunting life change. Pretty soon, I'll have to get to know the new place, my new job and the people!! yes NEW PEOPLE! I know this sounds a little silly but I am nervous!

What's bothering me the most is the feeling of uncertainty about my colleagues-to-be: are they the friendly tribe or a bunch of bullying noobs? will they think I'm pretty ugly? will they like my shoes? #vain

you know why?? because I'm no good at making new friends!! (not good at keeping old friends either but that's another story) I like people who likes me and I will smile back if you smile at me! Also I'm not funny (unlike Fariz who has that permanent smile plastered all over his face uurrggh..) and all I wish for is people know that being friendly and bonding with people doesn't come easy for me. Although good thing is once you're on the list, you'll be forever on the list.

So, hurry up get in the queue now!

but if you think I'm weird, maybe it's coz you've not heard of the "Reciprocity of Liking" rule? I stand by that, like totally.

Adapting to the new place will probably take some time, but in the meanwhile Fariz will have to put on his full-time-husband+boyfriend+bestfriend+your everything-hat to somehow accommodate the feeling of distance of my far away family and old friends.

Anyway, on a totally different note, here's some pictures from the weekend :)

Fariz took me to meet the United Buddy Bears!
the bears reflect the masterpiece of the cultural wealth of our world. but I'm just not exactly artsy fartsy so I won't be spilling comments in this category LOL

so go and hug the bears yourselves yo!
and finaaaally a picture of me and the majestic dragon,
well because it's Chinese New Year people!

p.s: Internet shopping habit is getting more out of control. Yikes!

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