Monday, January 9, 2012

homey homey

You see, since I'm moving in pretty soon, Fariz and I are undergoing a bit of lifestyle inflation. So, last weekend shopping involved a field trip to IKEA where I procured a number of cute little things that I don't necessary need, but I want!

weee! I'm so happy, shopping for my imaginary house with my imaginary money!!

I am not an IKEA fanatic, but I have bought my fair share of household goods there. IKEA allows poor people like me to afford a desk, lamp and wardrobe in cute colors and shape. Sure, some of their things fall apart faster than you can piece them together, but it's great while it lasts. Sooo hard to resist..sigh.....

but Fariz pretty much dread this place... they have cool stuff to look at, but it’s definitely a dangerous store, for his wallet, that is. But I don't care, if he insists on sharing his life, his home and his bed with me, I insist that I shop, he pays :)

Mission 1: to buy table lamps

Mission 2: to check out IKEA kitchens regardless of what Fariz thinks about my cooking skills pffft...

We sat on the couches, opened the drawers, pretended to have a mini-party and I don't know about Fariz but at this age, I would think that IKEA is more fun than Disneyland :)

On a slighly different note, I can't wait to move in with Fariz and turn our little home into my dream barbie-all-pink doll house ;p Gotta get used to living with a girl, hun :)

best (impulsive) purchase of the day:
IKEA quilt cover and pillowcases set :)