Friday, April 30, 2010

glorified love

Love is too weak a word for what I feel

other than the RAWR! that we use occasionally nowadays now and then, I have tried to find a word stronger than love to verbally express how much I feel, but to no avail

On the flip side, Fariz is often creative with his words. He is gifted when it comes to talking. He knows how to sweet talk his lady love and he is proper romantic (like I haven't said that enough)

and though I love the way Fariz makes my heart go all weak and wobbly and not to mention the level of security it gives me, I still hate it when he manages to verbally express his love for me better than I do..

coz I want him to really know:
I too love him just as much as he loves me, but more :)

ok sayang, beat that!

Monday, April 26, 2010

bound for greatness

Dear Fariz Helmi,

You are, definitely, without a glimmer of doubt
the epitome of AWESOMENESS
even that, is an understatement

but I am not sure how to say it are just too amazing beyond words! so please accept this as a congratulatory note for the meantime..

and we shall have our little celebration under the sun when I see you ya?!

this 30th also marks the 6th month of you and me

and at the rate we are going, I think we will be happy, for as long as a lifetime, at the very least :)

Friday, April 23, 2010

I love you nonetheless

Dear God,
I pray for wisdom to understand my man,
Love to forgive him
and Patience for his moods
Because dear God, if I pray for Strength
I’ll beat him to death


Good night sayang

Thursday, April 22, 2010

hearts and doodles

another beautiful addition to our wedding songs playlist
if we ever get married, that is...
now, stop asking when, you are getting a wee bit annoying..

My Destiny:

Im aware that I've reverted to the behaviour of a 17 year old adolescence. and all I am left to do is doodling Syazana loves Fariz with a love heart dotting the I, and
I'm back to my 17 year old self in every single way..

how embarrassing *blush*

but hey, it has always feel like first love again
except that it's better, waaaaay better
a more mature man, a brighter looking future

Can this all be too good to be true?

I wont dare to be overjoyed
what if all of this or if any, is taken away from me?
to be thinking this way, makes me beyond scared

but anyway again..We plan, God decides..
I will continue to love and still thank Him for arranging our fates to intertwine

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

movie dates of april :)

I love the way when we are having our movie nights out, Fariz will (without being made to) pick something romantic to watch with me..I think he enjoys the way love stories give him the feeling of a whole heap of emotions, just like I do

and I love the way he giggles his head off at the comedy or the way he weeps over a sad ending (I swear I saw tears rolling down his cheek as we watch Remember Me) hehehe :p

but mostly, I love the way he is always unabashedly romantic and sentimental..yep talk about butterflies and skipping heartbeats (and chocolates and roses) :)

have you seen any of these?

We have.. We have just recently watched 'em all!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

my happy pill and adrenaline rush

The worst moments usually comes right after the best..because once you reach the peak of joy, there is no other way but down..

after 7 days of bliss, I think I'm heading for another breakdown..No no fret not.. this time round I promise I wont even try to blame it on my hormones..(please someone tell me that POST- menstrual syndrome is nothing more but a myth)..

I must have overdosed myself with my happy pill. This must be the withdrawal symptom I get from my ever going obsession and addiction to Fariz..hehehe

anyway check this out:
Fariz's first attempt at ice-skating..which wasnt all that bad! except that he fell on his bum and pull me down together with him fun :)

and and and

his first time on Space shot! such a nervous wreck, if he was 10 years younger I so believe that he would even wee wee in his pants..Boooo!

He didnt seem so thrilled by the adrenaline that'll be the first and the last, I promise :)

Do you know what Fariz is best at?
being silly and cheery
bright and sunny
that I swear he was a clown (in his past life, if there is)

I miss his jokes
I miss the way he laughs at his own jokes
and then making me laugh at him for laughing at his own stupid jokes

Monday, April 19, 2010

you are the star of my dreams

First off, you should know by now that I had an incredible time with Fariz because when I have much better things to do, I dont even give a damn about whats happening in this cyberworld..this petty little blog and facebook (that I habitually cannot live a day without) alas, belong to this category :)

Fariz has been boundlessly generous to me in every way (time, love and money)..not that I ever got treated badly, but who ever knows me well, know that I am just pretty hard to please..yes difficult and very 'princessly' to be more frank...

If you wish, I could go on and on about how utterly amazing he was, but the mushiness factor would be so overwhelming that you would all be drowning in cheese waaay before I could finish..So, just trust me when I say that I am the absolute luckiest girl in the world , because I am..

And I L O V E Y O U Fariz Helmi! so much that my heart swells just by thinking of you :'(

You are the sun,
You are my light,
And you're the last thing on my mind,
Before I go to sleep at night,
You're always round,
When I'm in need,
When trouble's on my mind,
You put my soul at ease

There is no one in this world,
Who can love me like you do,
That is the reason that I,
Wanna spend forever with you

Friday, April 9, 2010

abundance of glittering love

I am still dazzled by the way Fariz never seemed to get tired of saying those three magic words when combined together- I LOVE YOU..sometimes I almost think that he might turn into having a compulsive disorder for saying it too much..hahaha..its only 1pm now, Fariz has probably said it (and wrote it in his text and YM) more than 40 times today :) He is very affectionate. Yes, be jealous.

I strongly believe that saying these three words too much will never break the spell: They only make it more powerful..

and to those who thinks otherwise, I feel sorry for you..It it not enough to say it once, close the 'deal' and assume that we know that we are loved..Yes action speaks louder than words and I know men show their love through many other different ways, but its just pretty universal for all women that we still need to hear I LOVE YOU (and its variation) often

Fariz is no typical man.
He has never failed to feed my constant need for reassurance of his love
I'm lucky, am I not? thank you!
But lets not jinx it, k?
Or did I just? :p

I love you sayang, with a capital I L O V E Y O and U!
And I want to repeat saying this sampai pengsan :p

you're too nice

Why is it so hard to be good? I want to be good to Fariz as much as he is good to me

God bless me and pour out on Fariz patience and constancy :)

I had probably woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. They say if your morning gets off to a poor start, your day goes down with it into a spiral of negativity..

but I am ok now
just do not burst my bubble :)

hormonal moments

Cranky? PMS! Tired? PMS! Lazy? PMS! Crying spells and curling in bed ? PMS! Eating like a pig? PMS! Fat and everywhere feeling tight? PMS! Pimples and ugly? PMS! I am so so PMS-ing!

I am a hot hot mess. I have tried to talk myself down but I can still feel that I need to constantly fight this inner battle to stay calm. Fariz must be thinking that he is going nuts for not being able to keep me happy..I am sorry :(

I keep telling him that I am having my hormones (read: monster!) taking over me at the moment and so I really hope that he wont take it serious anything I say that is out of character...its probably the hormones doing the talking, not me..really

and it will pass..

It will pass..

maybe in a few hours
maybe tomorrow

tomorrow? The long awaited saturday is going to be here..
I'm seeing Fariz soon :(
(why the hell am I not dead excited?!! I should be jumping up and down now! Grrr!)

owh well, till then I just need to tough it up and suck it in

ps: I love you're such an angel, no one else could have done it better than you..and thanks for knowing me the best too xx

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dont let me fall

Here I am again, making it known to public,
professing my unconditional love to someone...
Something I have never done before,
let alone thought about doing for anyone...
You better be grateful for this Fariz!

you're just the one that i've been waiting for
i'll give you all that i have to give and more
but don't let me fall

take a little time, walk a little line
get the balance right
give a little love, gimme just enough
so that i can hang on tight

we will be alright, ill be by your side
i wont let you down
but i gotta know, no matter how things go
that you will be around

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

suitcase diet: I hate packing, with passion

ok so now it just hit me that I'll be out of town and away from the comfort of my own room for a week

current goal: start packing
and stop obsessing over whether or not I should bring this and that

yes I have been spending these past few days thinking of the what-to-wear rather than actually packing them. Because, preparing for the packing, and this includes shopping for the stuff I think I might need for the trip makes me happier. Always the fun part.

Despite having enough experience on overpacking I still haven't figured out how to travel light! I would worry so much about not being able to carry my whole wardrobe with me..Its obscene, I get stress over things as little as packing..owh bugger it..Im a woman, Im allowed to be.

I need a packing fairy now, with a magic wand or better off Fariz- to help me pick what I need and I dont need :)

on a different note, I miss Fariz a seems that a blogspot and small fonts can never truly be enough to express how much I mean when I say I MISS YOU

im giddy in love, I am, yes, still.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

sugar shout out

LIFE kicks you around sometimes.
it scares you and BEATS you up.
but there'll be one day when you realize
you're not just a survivor.
you're a FIGHTER.
you're tougher than anything life throws your way.
and you are.

To sayang:

Hope work is great.
Dont forget to be Awesome!

Just for the fun of it

Had a virtual hair makeover today :)

Fariz suggested that I go brunette
but I want a fresh new short hair do

so what do you think?
shall I, baby?

Monday, April 5, 2010

You're my Sunday, You make my Monday come alive

Happy Monday ya' all!

Since when it is acceptable to put 'happy' and 'monday' together in a sentence? uhuh

I had a pretty busy weekend to even have time to think of Monday, which is good coz I usually dread Monday so much that I really think I need to prescribe myself a dose of antidepressant just for hateful mondays..

what am I thankful for today?
the fact that I'm alive and kicking
and and and I am just 5 days away to seeing Fariz..yay!

Fariz will only have these few days left to try to get his assignments done and keep up with work at the same time..and I've warned myself to behave and not bother him so much which will in return warrant me for his undivided attention later when we're together :)

and if I manage to not get in his way this week, I think I will demand for a prize!
(maybe more shoes?)

I am so in love with this, from Carlo Rino.. Pink and leopard print, whats there not to love about it? Please buy me this please, pretty pretty please..

Sunday, April 4, 2010

something everyday will show

I am feeling a little fairy tale-ish..I want to curl up and watch Enchanted, again ..with a hot hunk (Fariz) to pillow me. yeah i wish.

It's not enough to take the one you love for granted
You must remind her, or she'll be inclined to say...
"How do I know he loves me?"
(How does she know that you love her?
How do you show her you love her?)
"How do I know he's mine?"
(How does she know that you really, really, truly love her?)

Well does he leave a little note to tell you you are on his mind?
Send you yellow flowers when the sky is grey? Heyy!
He'll find a new way to show you, a little bit everyday
That's how you know, that's how you know!
He's your love...

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Lo and behold!

27 years and still rockin' yeah

Happy anniversary mama and papa xxx

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I wana go Japan too!

Look at what lee yin bought for us from Japan

Lots of Japanese snacks and tid-bits

and I got this! a mickey&minnie chopstick from disneyland!

thank you so much!! mucho gracias , no i mean..arigato gozaimasu!!