Friday, April 9, 2010

hormonal moments

Cranky? PMS! Tired? PMS! Lazy? PMS! Crying spells and curling in bed ? PMS! Eating like a pig? PMS! Fat and everywhere feeling tight? PMS! Pimples and ugly? PMS! I am so so PMS-ing!

I am a hot hot mess. I have tried to talk myself down but I can still feel that I need to constantly fight this inner battle to stay calm. Fariz must be thinking that he is going nuts for not being able to keep me happy..I am sorry :(

I keep telling him that I am having my hormones (read: monster!) taking over me at the moment and so I really hope that he wont take it serious anything I say that is out of character...its probably the hormones doing the talking, not me..really

and it will pass..

It will pass..

maybe in a few hours
maybe tomorrow

tomorrow? The long awaited saturday is going to be here..
I'm seeing Fariz soon :(
(why the hell am I not dead excited?!! I should be jumping up and down now! Grrr!)

owh well, till then I just need to tough it up and suck it in

ps: I love you're such an angel, no one else could have done it better than you..and thanks for knowing me the best too xx

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