Wednesday, April 7, 2010

suitcase diet: I hate packing, with passion

ok so now it just hit me that I'll be out of town and away from the comfort of my own room for a week

current goal: start packing
and stop obsessing over whether or not I should bring this and that

yes I have been spending these past few days thinking of the what-to-wear rather than actually packing them. Because, preparing for the packing, and this includes shopping for the stuff I think I might need for the trip makes me happier. Always the fun part.

Despite having enough experience on overpacking I still haven't figured out how to travel light! I would worry so much about not being able to carry my whole wardrobe with me..Its obscene, I get stress over things as little as packing..owh bugger it..Im a woman, Im allowed to be.

I need a packing fairy now, with a magic wand or better off Fariz- to help me pick what I need and I dont need :)

on a different note, I miss Fariz a seems that a blogspot and small fonts can never truly be enough to express how much I mean when I say I MISS YOU

im giddy in love, I am, yes, still.

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