Monday, April 5, 2010

You're my Sunday, You make my Monday come alive

Happy Monday ya' all!

Since when it is acceptable to put 'happy' and 'monday' together in a sentence? uhuh

I had a pretty busy weekend to even have time to think of Monday, which is good coz I usually dread Monday so much that I really think I need to prescribe myself a dose of antidepressant just for hateful mondays..

what am I thankful for today?
the fact that I'm alive and kicking
and and and I am just 5 days away to seeing Fariz..yay!

Fariz will only have these few days left to try to get his assignments done and keep up with work at the same time..and I've warned myself to behave and not bother him so much which will in return warrant me for his undivided attention later when we're together :)

and if I manage to not get in his way this week, I think I will demand for a prize!
(maybe more shoes?)

I am so in love with this, from Carlo Rino.. Pink and leopard print, whats there not to love about it? Please buy me this please, pretty pretty please..

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