Wednesday, September 8, 2010

the last Eid as bachelorette

Believe it or not, despite anticipating the end of Ramadan and becoming increasingly excited about Eid, 1st day of Syawal can sometimes be my least favourite day.

hmm..It used to be

here's why:
  • First, pre-Eid cooking and spring cleaning the house is bad enough
  • Second, waking up early in the morning is totally, totally not my forte
  • Third, when there's this icy cold shower offer attached to the deal (because none of my grandparents have water heater installed at their homes) it is doubly annoying
  • Fourth, having to wrestle myself into the 'telekung' (the white prayer dress thing) for Eid prayer at the mosque while being half-asleep is also none too enjoyable an experience
  • Fifth, I dread the 'meet and greet' sessions with uncles and aunties and extended relatives which involves re-heating the 'rendang', re-filling cookie jars and re-making teapots of coffee and tea over and over again..and not to mention~ the endless washing up part in the kitchen that follows
  • Sixth, the whole task of Eidis, yeah those little green packet-of-money thing..I was never too bothered about them anyway, be it me the one who's receiving or giving

and there are more, a whole lot more (some of which are too personal and shall remain unrevealed) but I think you get the idea as to why Eid to me is more like a battle I unwillingly HAD to throw myself into now, don't you?

But anyway, as much as I have taken a dislike to Eid, I still hope that I will somehow or rather grow out of it..It is easy to admit that I am less of a domestic goddess and perfect hostess that anyone would think I might be..

but a girl has got to do what a girls' got to do, right?

It's probably about time that I learn to be an adult and act like one because after all, the next Ramadhan and Eid would be the first of many for me, as a married woman, as a wife. I believe, some firsts would last an entire lifetime, while others would take away what I've had and grown accustomed to for the past twenty six years of my life..

which on a similar note, I noticed that Fariz has been hinting me the whole time as it seems, that Eid at his side, won't be as peaceful as I wish it would will be a lot busier and noisier

and just how adventurous will that be?

then again there goes, the idea of getting married just became a tad more scarier..It's not going to be easy to mix well together for a lifetime, will it?
Marriage is the union of two people who come from different upbringing and background – possibly two people with different personalities and attitudes – who have different takes on life..

that aside, here let me continue to bore you with some snippets of my first day of Eid..but don't be surprised by how I look..I simply cannot resist smiling for the camera..dressing up and taking photos are what Eid is all about to me :)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

welcome back

Taf is on his way home from spend his last bit of summer with us...

sometimes I still miss the feeling of studying abroad

and its been a while since the last time I find work rewarding
and I've accomplished something..

shall I go back studying?

(but PhD sounds too scary.. :s)

mini shopaholic

Aside from handbags and shoes (and scarves, and accessories, and tops and cosmetics etc) I am also an avid book buyer..arguably, you may say that I love splurging on books more than I love reading them, since there are tons of books already lying around my bedroom am yet to read..

but anyway right now I am in the mood for nothing but to snuggle in bed and bash myself with another wittily told romantic fiction and this chick-lit has found its way onto my wish list:

The long-awaited continuation of Shopaholic & Baby!
I am in serious withdrawal of the Shopaholics series and am already reading those I have over and over..(and not to mention engrossed myself repeatedly over the movie too)

speaking of which, I sooo need to get my hands on this...
but I wonder if it's available here, in Malaysia?

does anyone know?
coz I am going to send Fariz off to get one

Thursday, September 2, 2010

a weekend oh-not-so-fruitful

In our latest adventure, Fariz and I went out and about for our very first bridal boutique hunt around his area..the initial idea was to get the full gambit of what's out there because, seemingly, Fariz is supremely naive for not having any clue about the whole bridal thing..

and oh boy oh boy, if I must tell you, I wasn't the least bit awed by our findings..almost everything we came across seemed decidedly demoded and outdated.. and I seriously doubt if any of the vendors we met could make our dais stand as nice and neat as to what I envisioned..

could we have actually looked at the wrong place after all??

and speaking of make-up, even if I didn't see the need to spend a real chunk of change on a beauty pro to doll me up, I was still horribly tempted though :( and Fariz was extremely put off to learn how expensive it will cost to hire a make-up artist for his/her service..I swear I saw him practically scratching his not-so-itchy head away and I feel baaaaaaad......

plus not only that, we also came to realized that the other biggest hitch is probably finding my dress of absolute perfect fit..and Fariz's matching attire too because his measurements conflicts with the sample ones that they readily have for rental..

unless if we get ours custom made..
which again I am not so keen of because I am not blessed with the creativity to sketch my own dream dress! and scouting for the right material and design will suck too :( not fun , not fun!!!


but at least, after all of that, (I think) Fariz finally gets it that wedding is NOT just a case of turning up with a new haircut and a shave!!


nevertheless, on a happier note..

the highlight of the whole bridal hunting business is us!!
even if at times I feel like I want give up worrying about the wedding, dig a rabbit hole and hide inside, it is always comforting to know that Fariz has an extraordinary patience for me and he is probably even willing to sell his soul to get me all I want..

yeah you heard me..he.will.sell.his.soul

thank you sayang!! :)