Tuesday, September 7, 2010

mini shopaholic

Aside from handbags and shoes (and scarves, and accessories, and tops and cosmetics etc) I am also an avid book buyer..arguably, you may say that I love splurging on books more than I love reading them, since there are tons of books already lying around my bedroom am yet to read..

but anyway right now I am in the mood for nothing but to snuggle in bed and bash myself with another wittily told romantic fiction and this chick-lit has found its way onto my wish list:

The long-awaited continuation of Shopaholic & Baby!
I am in serious withdrawal of the Shopaholics series and am already reading those I have over and over..(and not to mention engrossed myself repeatedly over the movie too)

speaking of which, I sooo need to get my hands on this...
but I wonder if it's available here, in Malaysia?

does anyone know?
coz I am going to send Fariz off to get one

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