Tuesday, November 22, 2011

oct/nov in pictures

Yay lots and lots of pictures to make up for my absence from blogging!

are you ready?

1. Penang getaway :)

Remember I once wished for a relaxing stay-in-bed honeymoon as opposed to the first one we had which involved a lot of going out and seeing places? I got exactly what I asked for. Caught a terrible cold on the way up north and ended up bed-ridden for almost the entire trip :(

So, morale of the story: be careful for what you wish for!

but luckily the hotel room was very nice that it'll be a waste to go out!

the self-confessed nasi kandar-freak in the picture above was clearly the happiest to find himself in this curry and Indian food fantasy land.

me? let’s just say I still don’t get what’s all the fuss about -__-" or maybe I'm just racist like that HAHAHA

So I settled with my usual 'happy' food :)

and then later that night, mr. nasi kandar-freak savagely enjoyed nasi kandar again for dinner and in a few blinks everything was gone from his plate!

such a huge curry fan he is and for the next few days as you can imagine, I went worrying and nagging obsessively over our 'curry incompatibility'!

but I like kuey teow though, a lot. so maybe I'll learn how to make this first before curry :p

Ummm.. this is my highschool BFF who hasn't seemed to grow since..highschool!!! too skinny already so please go and eat more nasi kandar ok, babe! and yes sure take Fariz along with you ;p

2. 6-monthiversary

Fariz and I have made it to the 6-month mark in October (that's 2 years since he started courting aww!) and yes I know that’s no biggie to you old pros out there, but hey, we’re infants in the world of marriage and this is a milestone for us! and hence a movie (Real Steel was awesome!), some shopping and a delicious lunch to celebrate:)

3. Eid Ul Adha

Ummm...we spent Eid at Fariz's hometown again...yes 2 consecutive Eids with his family so, ummm..I think he must've drugged me or something wtf or I'm just nice ;p Took many pictures around the house but without headscarf and Fariz doesn't allow that for public viewing so yeah, this is all I have from what's left:

enough to prove that I was there, no? ;p

4. Growing old!

andd...recently, I plopped another buttcheek into the realm of adulthood. A year older now, and I wish I can say a lot wiser too!

yay! another item to tick off my never ending wish list :) thank you sayang, you pamper me so much sometimes I think I'm bullying you HAHAHA!

and thank you God for another year in my life. I promise to love and laugh.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

my waiting

I never intended to go this long between posts, but sometimes I guess not a lot of things in my life are "blog worthy". Life is just life sometimes and it's not that interesting. and that's what life now is to me -- mundane. I go to work. I come home from work. and come Friday night I happily put on my wife's hat and finally feel alive and kicking. but even on weekends not every meal seems exciting , not every time we go shopping I ended up buying anything :( and not much has changed with my life.

I am still waiting (not so patiently anymore) for transfer and I'm not pregnant.

so, sheeesh.....

but owh well, at least marriage life is like a walk in the park (with occasional slips and falls of course). It's not like there are constant fireworks or anything, but I can say with more conviction than ever that I have a fantastic husband who is my rock, my support system that I know I can depend on and the one constant in my life that I love so much. He picks me up when I hit rock bottom and he fixes me when I'm broken-- I just could never ever imagine doing this journey with anyone else.

..and so yes though I know I have a number of things to be thankful for, I am praying for the day that I can come home to him after a long day at work, to feel the stubble on his chin as he kisses my neck, to see his chest rise up and down as he breathes the same air I do and to smell the fresh scent of soap on his skin after each shower..and to die happy waking up every morning in his arm!

God, I LOOOOOVE Fariz Helmi so much!!!

come what may, come what may. I will love you till my dying day..