Sunday, November 13, 2011

my waiting

I never intended to go this long between posts, but sometimes I guess not a lot of things in my life are "blog worthy". Life is just life sometimes and it's not that interesting. and that's what life now is to me -- mundane. I go to work. I come home from work. and come Friday night I happily put on my wife's hat and finally feel alive and kicking. but even on weekends not every meal seems exciting , not every time we go shopping I ended up buying anything :( and not much has changed with my life.

I am still waiting (not so patiently anymore) for transfer and I'm not pregnant.

so, sheeesh.....

but owh well, at least marriage life is like a walk in the park (with occasional slips and falls of course). It's not like there are constant fireworks or anything, but I can say with more conviction than ever that I have a fantastic husband who is my rock, my support system that I know I can depend on and the one constant in my life that I love so much. He picks me up when I hit rock bottom and he fixes me when I'm broken-- I just could never ever imagine doing this journey with anyone else.

..and so yes though I know I have a number of things to be thankful for, I am praying for the day that I can come home to him after a long day at work, to feel the stubble on his chin as he kisses my neck, to see his chest rise up and down as he breathes the same air I do and to smell the fresh scent of soap on his skin after each shower..and to die happy waking up every morning in his arm!

God, I LOOOOOVE Fariz Helmi so much!!!

come what may, come what may. I will love you till my dying day..

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