Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya!!!!

So Eid will never again be the same. I am not sure how I feel about that but after what seemed like a string of endless hair-pulling fights (well, literally) I've somehow agreed to celebrate our first day at Fariz's hometown.

Yay! to me :)
*pats self*
this is probably the nicest thing I have ever done as a wife but don't worry, I have made it a point to constantly remind him that this is a favor I am doing and it is a BIG sacrifice! and Fariz might even have to spend his ENTIRE life paying me back for my 'kindness' muahaha

but you know what will be the best?
If I could clone myself into two or maybe three.

Then I can leave a copy at home to live with my family and friends I love while the other versions of me can be at different places with different people at the same time.

One version to live like a princess, meet Fariz, go on dates and fall in love everyday. and never grow fat or have kids.

Then another one to grow old with Fariz in our little home, clean, cook and attend each and every of his family event WITHOUT complaints -___-"

Then I could have gathered all the experience and memories from each life and will never feel like I'm missing out on anything. Fariz and I can be married but we can still be fresh and exciting :) and Eid would be a bliss because we won't feel like tearing up ourselves into half ever again...

but who am I kidding?

anyway, while I do miss mummy's home and the smell of her delicious kitchen, here's to report that first day of Eid at the in-laws went smoothly. The highlight of Eid this year was Fariz not leaving my side and making me feel out of place. He promised to spend at least 2 private hours with me everyday while we were there and he did it. So yes, we went on 'dates' around the small old town called Tanjung Malim hahaha

and at the end it's safe to say that I had a very cheerful and blessed Eid next to my husband, this year Alhamdulillah

It is true when you marry someone, you also marry that person’s family. They come with the package :)

awwwww...little munchkins who made Eid bearable ;)

Syazana and Fariz now...

and imagine Fariz who grows side ways day by day,

here's Syazana & Fariz some years later.... ;p

LOL just kidding...actually thats my fav BIL, abang Hakim! :) Sometimes after Fariz eats too much I urrmm get confused HAHAHA

told you we went on dates :)

ok, nak balik NOW!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Gold Coast as I remember: part 3

Waaaaaaaaaaay late, I know
but after what seems to be way too long, today I woke up with a sudden urge to post up some more honeymoon piccies....

WHAAAAAT???! Don’t tell me you don’t wanna see more of pretty Gold Coast!

I swear I have been dying to write more about it but life sort of got in the more importantly I always wanted my writing to be perfect but somehow after trying twice, I realized that writing in a travelogue-ish style is just harder than I imagined..T_T

So, I know there is no way I would be able to completely do it justice but before I get really really completely lazy to blog about it anymore , I'll try to share them NOW anyway!

are you ready??!

Day 3

we got up nice and early which was rare..but here's (again) the sun and beach worth waking up to:

didn't quite catch the sunrise, but at least it was still morning :p

thongs, as in flip flops :)

it was pretty dang cool, irregardless of the heat shinning down. so we lounged on the beach trying to soak up the sun..

walking back to hotel for breakfast!

owh by the way, my dress is from The Poplook :)

and then taking advantage of the great weather, we hopped in the car, kick started the engine and took off for a scenic road trip to Sunshine Coast!

Road trips should be fun but after ooh-ing and aah-ing for about 10 minutes, I got bored and fell asleep

*epic fails*

but when I woke up, a wide strawberry-filled farm awaited me :))

my favourite lip smacking strawberry!!

and my favourite man on his first ever PYO mission!

Yay...check out my harvest! all the labour of picking only makes them sweeter :)

Jam, smoothies, lollies and ice-cream..but nothing beats freshly picked strawberries from the farm!

When I grow up, I want to be a farmer! hahaha

hit the road again and headed to BRISBANE for what I thought might be an exciting visit :)

started off with a stroll along the paths by the river and under the Story Bridge

saw a lot of office buildings, glass buildings, tall buildings, nice buildings, skyscraper, apartments and white buildings..basically all types of buildings V_V


is it just me, or Brisbane really pales in comparison to other cities?

figuring out where to go..

Fariz had been here before on a business trip and takes pride at the fact that he knows the place better than I do...

as if I care...pffft! and after all, all he knows about are the names of some buildings -__-''

seriously what's there to rave about? Brisbane feels somewhat monumentally underwhelming- few cultural attractions, over-priced restaurants, boring architecture and I dunno..dull maybe and somewhat underpopulated (as it seemed to me)

Hunger soon sat in and after wandering around a lil bit we were reduced to sitting on a bench, snacking..

Fariz and chocolate-dipped King George Square, I think..

then Fariz had to bribe me with a little shopping coz I was already throwing tantrums by then due to utter boredom and refused to walk back to the car (which is very very far away)

motto of the day: when all else fails, buy shoes!!

shoes are one of the most powerful mood lifters known to womankind :) The shoe was super cheap and comfy, I wanted to buy more! but that's before I remember I've only got one pair of feet -__-"

Look at his face at being made to spend AUD5!! (yes they're that cheap) and I really don't understand why some people said I am difficult to please! *shifty eyes*

and finally, to
celebrate/mourn the end of our road trip we treated ourselves to Cold Rock!

my verdict: Cold rock rocks and that's all you really need to know :)

owh wait! maybe I do have one tiny complaint:
with too many to choose from, I was truly spoilt for choices! little candy kisses, marshmallows, rainbow dots, malteasers and peanut butter balls, gummy bears and cookie dough, they had everything and I want ALLLLLLLL!

everything was sort of smashed in together so now even I can't tell you what we had coz I forgot..

thinking about it now, as I write this.. day 3 ended sweet and I miss it :) be continued (maybe)

Monday, August 1, 2011

simple life pleasures

have you heard? staying in is the new going out!

Not sure if it is part of being married or growing older..but suddenly leaving the comfort of our little home becomes such a chore!!!

*stretch like a cat*

First I got crazy-lazy about scheduling date nights and then in a manner of speaking, even my love-hate relationship with dressing up and the shopping malls started to fall by the this supposed to be good..or bad?

I know I should be happy that I'm buying less junk now but I'm so bi-polar that I think there is definitely something wrong with me coz it's impossible that I suddenly stop wanting to do what I do best!

though I swear Fariz loves this coz his goal in life is always to spend less and live frugally HAHAHAHA *Fariz shakes piggy bank*

anyway to justify ourselves, work for Fariz is showing no signs of slowing down and all the weekly traveling back and forth we do..makes us so tired that by the time saturday rolls around, snugging up in bed and cuddling away on the couch seem to offer something a lot more relaxing than going out..

Nothing beats couch potato moments ..and pillow talks :) ....

Perhaps it's the insufficient time in our hands that has always brought us closer. Our 'quality time' together is especially nice because it doesn't happen all the time that we hate to let it waste on not connecting with each other. and by connecting I also mean getting spoiled rotten because weekends are the only time my mission to live like a Queen can finally commences!

*blows nails*

It's like a pay-back time when Fariz has to shift his attention and compensate all the lack of love, time, affection & service he failed to provide his wife with when he has to work during the week...
he talks and flirts, listens and sings to me, brushes my hair, gives me massages, makes me sandwiches and cries with me (coz I made him watch 1 liter of tears on DVD hehe) In a nutshell, he is ALLLL for me on weekends and basically always up for orders and random demands for ice-cream and stuff.

am I a lucky wife or what?

but don't worry because I am also happy to report that Fariz gets treated nicely too although he is kinda too easy to please. Feed him iced cold/hot Milo in his favourite mug and allow him to train his soldiers on Utopia (an online game he can't seem to live without) for 5 minutes every hourly and tadaaa..he'll be good as good as a boy with a new toy :)

owh and also help him with his laundry! we all know it's not rocket science but oh boy how he sucks at this. Either he dumps everything white and dark together, or he never shakes/stretches them before hanging to dry, leaving them all SUPER DUPER wrinkled and creased...sigh... and of course folds them terribly that some even ended with the wrong side out wtf!! and still look like a rumpled mess afterwards..

I always pretend to scold him for not using ANY common sense but secretly, of course I find him cute like that hehehe..bless his heart, at least he tries!

Anyway what I am saying is my present life is great and to those who asked, thank you for asking..once again I feel blissful, contented and entertained by indulging in life’s simple pleasures, like always. Although it is a battle for me getting up alone to work and now not-so-patiently-anymore counting down the days till I get to transfer...I think for now I'll be fine, as long as I can dream of him every weeknight and God allows me to wake up with him on weekends :)