Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Gold Coast as I remember: part 3

Waaaaaaaaaaay late, I know
but after what seems to be way too long, today I woke up with a sudden urge to post up some more honeymoon piccies....

WHAAAAAT???! Don’t tell me you don’t wanna see more of pretty Gold Coast!

I swear I have been dying to write more about it but life sort of got in the more importantly I always wanted my writing to be perfect but somehow after trying twice, I realized that writing in a travelogue-ish style is just harder than I imagined..T_T

So, I know there is no way I would be able to completely do it justice but before I get really really completely lazy to blog about it anymore , I'll try to share them NOW anyway!

are you ready??!

Day 3

we got up nice and early which was rare..but here's (again) the sun and beach worth waking up to:

didn't quite catch the sunrise, but at least it was still morning :p

thongs, as in flip flops :)

it was pretty dang cool, irregardless of the heat shinning down. so we lounged on the beach trying to soak up the sun..

walking back to hotel for breakfast!

owh by the way, my dress is from The Poplook :)

and then taking advantage of the great weather, we hopped in the car, kick started the engine and took off for a scenic road trip to Sunshine Coast!

Road trips should be fun but after ooh-ing and aah-ing for about 10 minutes, I got bored and fell asleep

*epic fails*

but when I woke up, a wide strawberry-filled farm awaited me :))

my favourite lip smacking strawberry!!

and my favourite man on his first ever PYO mission!

Yay...check out my harvest! all the labour of picking only makes them sweeter :)

Jam, smoothies, lollies and ice-cream..but nothing beats freshly picked strawberries from the farm!

When I grow up, I want to be a farmer! hahaha

hit the road again and headed to BRISBANE for what I thought might be an exciting visit :)

started off with a stroll along the paths by the river and under the Story Bridge

saw a lot of office buildings, glass buildings, tall buildings, nice buildings, skyscraper, apartments and white buildings..basically all types of buildings V_V


is it just me, or Brisbane really pales in comparison to other cities?

figuring out where to go..

Fariz had been here before on a business trip and takes pride at the fact that he knows the place better than I do...

as if I care...pffft! and after all, all he knows about are the names of some buildings -__-''

seriously what's there to rave about? Brisbane feels somewhat monumentally underwhelming- few cultural attractions, over-priced restaurants, boring architecture and I dunno..dull maybe and somewhat underpopulated (as it seemed to me)

Hunger soon sat in and after wandering around a lil bit we were reduced to sitting on a bench, snacking..

Fariz and chocolate-dipped King George Square, I think..

then Fariz had to bribe me with a little shopping coz I was already throwing tantrums by then due to utter boredom and refused to walk back to the car (which is very very far away)

motto of the day: when all else fails, buy shoes!!

shoes are one of the most powerful mood lifters known to womankind :) The shoe was super cheap and comfy, I wanted to buy more! but that's before I remember I've only got one pair of feet -__-"

Look at his face at being made to spend AUD5!! (yes they're that cheap) and I really don't understand why some people said I am difficult to please! *shifty eyes*

and finally, to
celebrate/mourn the end of our road trip we treated ourselves to Cold Rock!

my verdict: Cold rock rocks and that's all you really need to know :)

owh wait! maybe I do have one tiny complaint:
with too many to choose from, I was truly spoilt for choices! little candy kisses, marshmallows, rainbow dots, malteasers and peanut butter balls, gummy bears and cookie dough, they had everything and I want ALLLLLLLL!

everything was sort of smashed in together so now even I can't tell you what we had coz I forgot..

thinking about it now, as I write this.. day 3 ended sweet and I miss it :) be continued (maybe)

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