Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Ahh, home
Let me go home
Home is wherever I'm with you

Ahh, home
Let me go home
Home is where I'm alone with you

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I love...

a head rub when I'm sick. chocolates for no reason. a very very late breakfast or no breakfast. forehead kisses. lots of kisses. french kisses. a long drive with the windows down. flowers just because. tickles and laughter. brushing teeth together. singing love songs to each other. your guitar. the sound of your guitar. text messages to say “i love you”. pillow talks. a perfect photo. falling asleep face to face. early morning cuddles. holding hands. crossing legs with you. a lunch date. popcorns and watching movies. piggy back rides. love notes. making plans. talking about uncertain times. dressing up. dressing down. dreaming of traveling. dreaming of a big house. buying something new. the sound of you asleep. you smiling. McDonald's delivery. a rainy day. after shower. Sunday sleep-ins. weeping on your chest. checking in hotel rooms. reading. praying together. a pinky promises. saying sorry. the smell of your coffee. calling your name. making faces. love stories. your strong shoulders. fresh air. you and me. us. just the two of us.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

the rainbow after rain

When a person juggles between a full-time career and part-time education, it is either he makes it work or he makes it work. Yes, he doesn't have a choice but to make it work.

and guess who did just that and graduated? (with flying colours if I may add)

Well, his name is Fariz and my heart is his :)

Thank God for a husband so brilliant and bright! I am so proud of you Sayang!

but owh look at that~ Fariz's infamous receding hairline! *gasp*

it's true as you grow older, not only you grow wiser but as a sign of wisdom, you start losing hair too hahaha but anyway some guys look good bald and here's hoping he is one! or else he's gonna have a big hat collection YAY!! >_<

Saturday, October 1, 2011

the best I could've ever asked for

Today, I (finally) feel like writing.

and it's October already! *gasp* where did all the time go?

truthfully, I must admit, it has been rather frustrating not being able to share with you the wee and woes of the wonderful person I've been married to..At 6 months (well, almost), Fariz and I are still doing great. We've had quite a rollercoaster ride really and although true, he might be the most wonderful person in this world I would ever have encountered, I've come to accept that Fariz isn't perfect and God knows I'm not either.

because I'm selfish and I'm difficult. and even I wouldn't marry me -__-"

and I'm also an idealist. I would've love to think that I can keep the 'honeymoon' going as long as I like, but owh well.. I can't because it doesn't. then again the passing of the honeymoon period isn't a bad thing. Sometimes it might mean that you've grown apart, but to us it means we've grown together. Somewhere along our journey we broke each other's heart and mended the other's cuts. and then we hit a groove but found a deep level of comfort within each other's heart. and as much as I think falling in love is great, I know loving unconditionally is even better..

and that's exactly what we're working on right now!

anyway although a tad bit early, happy 6 months 'young' sayang.. and here's to many many more months years to come!!

my current favorite quote! HAHAHA

except that NO I didn't regret what I 'ordered'..it's 'delicious'...

.. and the best I could have ever asked for :)