Wednesday, June 30, 2010

be it bright sunny or dark cloudy

I don't know how you did it..but working your-ass off like that and having to deal with me at the same time.. is what I think makes you a real man

and the best thing about that DID IT, and you have always done it wonderfully, you get your job well done and along the way you still take your time to feed my constant hunger of affection

So now we have just got to believe that "behind every successful man, there is a really happy girl"
because you and me proved it right!

I love the way that you're not just a workaholic, but a 'loveholic' too :)

well done sayang..I am so proud of you!
clap clap clap!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Habby Pirthday Fariz Helmi!

Today marks a special day. It only comes once a year so it deserves a special entry on its own. At times like this, I can't help but to think that long-distance relationship completely sucks because I am so dying to be with Fariz now, probably together.. enjoying slices of ice-cream cake from Baskin-robin just like he promised..


anyway, looking on the bright side, I know at least I am lucky to have someone so special to miss..and...I know I am even luckier because he misses me too!

as for now, here's 26 big ones for the man I adore. God, I love him..
  1. he works hard so that he can buy me a big home big homes and more shoes
  2. he is totally clingy that he even seeks permission to have his guy time
  3. he puts up with me and my craziness. my sudden mood swings, my tantrums, my pms-es that even I, myself cannot cope with sometimes
  4. he dances and sings and doesn't mind looking silly in front of me
  5. he neither smokes nor drinks and he is not smelly
  6. he prays and kindly remember me in his prayers
  7. he is cool about professing his love, even when colleagues and friends are around
  8. he dreams big and he tries to make it happen, even if it's daunting
  9. he has no strange obsession with sports or video games or pornography
  10. he finishes up my unfinished meal to make sure he stays fatter than me
  11. he is a movie buff and looks forward to our movie-dates. and enjoys talking about celebrities that I don't even bother knowing
  12. he gushes sentimental things all the time and he's not ashamed of being romantic
  13. he offers apology first, even if it's bloody obvious that I am in the wrong but I just want to win
  14. he iron his own shirts and do dishes in the kitchen sink but still knows how to fix the light bulb
  15. he surrenders and go all wobbly when I cry
  16. he is never too busy for a phone call- not even at work or when out with friends
  17. he jumps when I pinch him but he still lets me and endures the pain
  18. he knows how to fix me when I am all messed up and screwed
  19. he calls and texts me even before I start to miss him
  20. he always keeps me informed of his whereabouts so I never get any chance to worry
  21. he treats me absolutely as an equal although sometimes most times he lets me have my way but that doesn't change the fact that he is the boss
  22. he spoils me with little gifts and chocolates and bring me flowers when he turns up late (to avoid scolding)
  23. he talks about me with glow and pride and enjoys showing me off (yeah totally bragging)
  24. he makes me listen to his long-winded dreams and goals for future which always have me in the picture
  25. he is boundlessly generous and he gives me everything he has in every way he can just to make me happy
  26. he reads my blog and he will read this and feel totally flattered because I LOVE HIM WITH ALL OF ME!
grow old with me, the best is yet to be..

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sunshine's dark cloud

Quote of the day:

these few days, I woke up hating everything..
especially that insanely annoying buzzing sound of the world cup coming from the TV
rushing heartbeats and a mind plague with worry and negativity

yeah yeah yeah
you guessed it right.. I am PMS-ing

Monday, June 21, 2010

battle of hormones

owh when is payday..when is payday??

I am so broke that all I can think of is payday

and I am all irritable and snappy..only retail therapy can fix me~!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

my heart is so big

Currently, feeling slightly sleepy and not knowing where to channel my boredom to...

Fariz isn't back yet from his movie night out with friends..and I am fighting a compulsive urge to call and nag him coz I really want him to enjoy himself and have guilt-free fun..
He deserves it, he works hard day in day out..and along the way he struggles to keep me happy too..I like to think of it as giving him a 'reward' and I love it when he thanks me for it..

but I hope he'll still have some energy saved up for me later..I want a bedtime story. either that or a lullaby, so that I can sleep soundly..ZzZzzz

Friday, June 18, 2010

sugar coated candy cane

I have a sweet tooth yo!..and I seem to need some sugar fix every now and then..or maybe chocolates that can be comforting too..

Now I want these. Oh scratch that, now I want to MAKE these (to impress Fariz) - because that will double the fun!

cake pops! or cupcake pops!

or simply cake balls..with cooked or cream cheese frosting
nom nom nom

all picture source:
and Oreo truffles made from Oreo cookies of course!
owh I so waaaant, I waaant!

You want them too?!

check out the recipe here:

in fact those yummy truffles look the simplest to make as no baking is needed
baking is not really my idea of fun coz I don't like waiting and I make more mess than I make cake :p (yeah am not so girlish in that sense lol)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Fariz's jealous bone

Because today Fariz is mighty busy again, it reminds me of a conversation we had few months ago.

Found this in my inbox:

Fariz: Jeles la u ckp dgn [male friend name here] lama2 :(

Fariz: T_T
I tahu I terlalu bz utk fokus seluruh mase I kat u..I nak berhenti kerja! :(

Fariz: I love u. I x payah kerja. U kerja I jage rumah

Fariz: I nak rumah besar, nak ada kereta mahal, nak u ada pangkat tinggi so nanti kalau ade mesyuarat tingkap dgn jiran2 I boleh show off...I nak u bawak I kluar makan every monday. Nak ada *censored* day every sunday. I nak u bg I kredit kad so I boleh shopping. I nak everything. Boleh? :)

that day, I almost died laughing..
but what I don't understand is how he still manage to sound so cute though he is hurting inside..

I swear it was unintentional
No matter how I enjoyed seeing his reaction, I know better that making him jealous is like adding fuel to fire..not fun. not worth it..

and I will never take Fariz's trust and niceness for granted. Never.

counting down days (to don't know when again)

Day in, day out, I shamelessly brag about how incredible I think Fariz is. but think about it now, how can I not? I write because sometimes even 'I love you' no matter how many times repeatedly said is simply not enough.. and if my happy tears could put my emotions into words , I wouldn't have to cry as I write this now would I?

When I first met Fariz, he made me found my escape (from xxx) but I never saw this much love is coming..I thought that he will be just like any other, whom I would like for awhile and get fed up with soon enough...but now whether I like it or not I keep finding myself falling ridiculously more in love with him every day and I don't want to slow down one bit, unless he gives up on being the fantastic boyfriend he is, of course..

and today I found out , no matter how much I see him, it'll never be matter how tired and annoyed he makes me, I still get a mini heart break the moment he drives away after sending me off each time. Then very soon after I will start to miss him and want him beside me all over again..

this was just yesterday..but it already feels like ages..we went for a movie and watched something that made us both teary in the eyes..have a guess, what movie that was? hehehe

until I see you again Sayang!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

take my heart

This song has been on repeat all through this morning and it is tugged on my heartstrings...

owh how I love songs that make sweet sense

and how I miss Fariz

It is difficult not be romantic when you're so deeply in love. No? Do you hate me for going mushy all the time? Read above, this is meant for Fariz anyway, so back off if my writing makes you sick..

If I take your heart, I will cherish it every day
If I take your heart, I will heal these old wounds
If I take your heart, it's to make it happy
If I take your heart, it's forever close to mine

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

when you follow your heart, be prepared to lose your soul

You know how they say 'too much of anything is bad'?
well that depends on what. because too much of love and kindness are never bad...and likewise, I can never seem to get enough of Fariz, although I have a nagging suspicion that he sometimes gets too much of me..hehehe

but if anything, the worst part of being so deeply in love is how it easily makes you utterly vulnerable...because Love Is all about Giving Someone The Power to Break Your Heart but Trusting Them Not to..agree?

and I completely hate to think that I am like putting myself out there, willingly with an open heart ready to get hurt and left emotionally wounded by my significant other...okay, so perhaps that's the reason they say it is incredibly important to maintain a sense of independent happiness and love for self in a relationship..

owh but how can I? I know I should never have said 'I can't live without you' because I can..yet Fariz defines happiness to me and I am one of those with an "all or nothing" soul. It's all or nothing.

I give all or I give nothing.

owh and now, I feel like kissing the screen^^

Monday, June 7, 2010

out and about

I was never a big fan of history in school..and even till now, I don't think I have grown out of that at all..with that being said, it will be much appreciated if you don't question me much about my short vacation to Indonesia which was mostly filled with trips to batik museums and monuments which Borobudur was one among the others..

so for now, let the pictures do the talking..

ok thanks, bye!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

the way you burst like sunshine

Sometimes simple little things make me happy
like the way I still find you funny
and the chocolates and candies you buy for me
anything pink and cute as long as it's new
and the playground that spells nothing but F.R.E.E fun?

I want you to know that I loved it :)
*jumps up & down*

but above all those
I love wasting my day away with you
You complete me,
because happiness to me, is you..