Friday, June 18, 2010

sugar coated candy cane

I have a sweet tooth yo!..and I seem to need some sugar fix every now and then..or maybe chocolates that can be comforting too..

Now I want these. Oh scratch that, now I want to MAKE these (to impress Fariz) - because that will double the fun!

cake pops! or cupcake pops!

or simply cake balls..with cooked or cream cheese frosting
nom nom nom

all picture source:
and Oreo truffles made from Oreo cookies of course!
owh I so waaaant, I waaant!

You want them too?!

check out the recipe here:

in fact those yummy truffles look the simplest to make as no baking is needed
baking is not really my idea of fun coz I don't like waiting and I make more mess than I make cake :p (yeah am not so girlish in that sense lol)

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