Monday, June 14, 2010

counting down days (to don't know when again)

Day in, day out, I shamelessly brag about how incredible I think Fariz is. but think about it now, how can I not? I write because sometimes even 'I love you' no matter how many times repeatedly said is simply not enough.. and if my happy tears could put my emotions into words , I wouldn't have to cry as I write this now would I?

When I first met Fariz, he made me found my escape (from xxx) but I never saw this much love is coming..I thought that he will be just like any other, whom I would like for awhile and get fed up with soon enough...but now whether I like it or not I keep finding myself falling ridiculously more in love with him every day and I don't want to slow down one bit, unless he gives up on being the fantastic boyfriend he is, of course..

and today I found out , no matter how much I see him, it'll never be matter how tired and annoyed he makes me, I still get a mini heart break the moment he drives away after sending me off each time. Then very soon after I will start to miss him and want him beside me all over again..

this was just yesterday..but it already feels like ages..we went for a movie and watched something that made us both teary in the eyes..have a guess, what movie that was? hehehe

until I see you again Sayang!

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