Saturday, June 26, 2010

Habby Pirthday Fariz Helmi!

Today marks a special day. It only comes once a year so it deserves a special entry on its own. At times like this, I can't help but to think that long-distance relationship completely sucks because I am so dying to be with Fariz now, probably together.. enjoying slices of ice-cream cake from Baskin-robin just like he promised..


anyway, looking on the bright side, I know at least I am lucky to have someone so special to miss..and...I know I am even luckier because he misses me too!

as for now, here's 26 big ones for the man I adore. God, I love him..
  1. he works hard so that he can buy me a big home big homes and more shoes
  2. he is totally clingy that he even seeks permission to have his guy time
  3. he puts up with me and my craziness. my sudden mood swings, my tantrums, my pms-es that even I, myself cannot cope with sometimes
  4. he dances and sings and doesn't mind looking silly in front of me
  5. he neither smokes nor drinks and he is not smelly
  6. he prays and kindly remember me in his prayers
  7. he is cool about professing his love, even when colleagues and friends are around
  8. he dreams big and he tries to make it happen, even if it's daunting
  9. he has no strange obsession with sports or video games or pornography
  10. he finishes up my unfinished meal to make sure he stays fatter than me
  11. he is a movie buff and looks forward to our movie-dates. and enjoys talking about celebrities that I don't even bother knowing
  12. he gushes sentimental things all the time and he's not ashamed of being romantic
  13. he offers apology first, even if it's bloody obvious that I am in the wrong but I just want to win
  14. he iron his own shirts and do dishes in the kitchen sink but still knows how to fix the light bulb
  15. he surrenders and go all wobbly when I cry
  16. he is never too busy for a phone call- not even at work or when out with friends
  17. he jumps when I pinch him but he still lets me and endures the pain
  18. he knows how to fix me when I am all messed up and screwed
  19. he calls and texts me even before I start to miss him
  20. he always keeps me informed of his whereabouts so I never get any chance to worry
  21. he treats me absolutely as an equal although sometimes most times he lets me have my way but that doesn't change the fact that he is the boss
  22. he spoils me with little gifts and chocolates and bring me flowers when he turns up late (to avoid scolding)
  23. he talks about me with glow and pride and enjoys showing me off (yeah totally bragging)
  24. he makes me listen to his long-winded dreams and goals for future which always have me in the picture
  25. he is boundlessly generous and he gives me everything he has in every way he can just to make me happy
  26. he reads my blog and he will read this and feel totally flattered because I LOVE HIM WITH ALL OF ME!
grow old with me, the best is yet to be..

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