Tuesday, June 8, 2010

when you follow your heart, be prepared to lose your soul

You know how they say 'too much of anything is bad'?
well that depends on what. because too much of love and kindness are never bad...and likewise, I can never seem to get enough of Fariz, although I have a nagging suspicion that he sometimes gets too much of me..hehehe

but if anything, the worst part of being so deeply in love is how it easily makes you utterly vulnerable...because Love Is all about Giving Someone The Power to Break Your Heart but Trusting Them Not to..agree?

and I completely hate to think that I am like putting myself out there, willingly with an open heart ready to get hurt and left emotionally wounded by my significant other...okay, so perhaps that's the reason they say it is incredibly important to maintain a sense of independent happiness and love for self in a relationship..

owh but how can I? I know I should never have said 'I can't live without you' because I can..yet Fariz defines happiness to me and I am one of those with an "all or nothing" soul. It's all or nothing.

I give all or I give nothing.

owh and now, I feel like kissing the screen^^

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