Thursday, April 22, 2010

hearts and doodles

another beautiful addition to our wedding songs playlist
if we ever get married, that is...
now, stop asking when, you are getting a wee bit annoying..

My Destiny:

Im aware that I've reverted to the behaviour of a 17 year old adolescence. and all I am left to do is doodling Syazana loves Fariz with a love heart dotting the I, and
I'm back to my 17 year old self in every single way..

how embarrassing *blush*

but hey, it has always feel like first love again
except that it's better, waaaaay better
a more mature man, a brighter looking future

Can this all be too good to be true?

I wont dare to be overjoyed
what if all of this or if any, is taken away from me?
to be thinking this way, makes me beyond scared

but anyway again..We plan, God decides..
I will continue to love and still thank Him for arranging our fates to intertwine

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