Tuesday, April 20, 2010

my happy pill and adrenaline rush

The worst moments usually comes right after the best..because once you reach the peak of joy, there is no other way but down..

after 7 days of bliss, I think I'm heading for another breakdown..No no fret not.. this time round I promise I wont even try to blame it on my hormones..(please someone tell me that POST- menstrual syndrome is nothing more but a myth)..

I must have overdosed myself with my happy pill. This must be the withdrawal symptom I get from my ever going obsession and addiction to Fariz..hehehe

anyway check this out:
Fariz's first attempt at ice-skating..which wasnt all that bad! except that he fell on his bum and pull me down together with him ONCE..how fun :)

and and and

his first time on Space shot! such a nervous wreck, if he was 10 years younger I so believe that he would even wee wee in his pants..Boooo!

He didnt seem so thrilled by the adrenaline rush..so that'll be the first and the last, I promise :)

Do you know what Fariz is best at?
being silly and cheery
bright and sunny
that I swear he was a clown (in his past life, if there is)

I miss his jokes
I miss the way he laughs at his own jokes
and then making me laugh at him for laughing at his own stupid jokes

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