Friday, April 9, 2010

abundance of glittering love

I am still dazzled by the way Fariz never seemed to get tired of saying those three magic words when combined together- I LOVE YOU..sometimes I almost think that he might turn into having a compulsive disorder for saying it too much..hahaha..its only 1pm now, Fariz has probably said it (and wrote it in his text and YM) more than 40 times today :) He is very affectionate. Yes, be jealous.

I strongly believe that saying these three words too much will never break the spell: They only make it more powerful..

and to those who thinks otherwise, I feel sorry for you..It it not enough to say it once, close the 'deal' and assume that we know that we are loved..Yes action speaks louder than words and I know men show their love through many other different ways, but its just pretty universal for all women that we still need to hear I LOVE YOU (and its variation) often

Fariz is no typical man.
He has never failed to feed my constant need for reassurance of his love
I'm lucky, am I not? thank you!
But lets not jinx it, k?
Or did I just? :p

I love you sayang, with a capital I L O V E Y O and U!
And I want to repeat saying this sampai pengsan :p


  1. hi syazana!!! nice to bump into you in 'blogosphere'..hee...NICE BLOG!!cute+sweet, just the way you are;)..
    keep on writing!

    take care


  2. OMG pja just where are u now? i mean I havent seen u on FB for awhile..

    anyway thanks :) trying my luck in seeking love again

    please keep in touch