Thursday, May 12, 2011

A home in the making

Last weekend saw Fariz and I on a whirlwind adventure of non-stop sweeping, wiping, scrubbing, dusting and mopping our new little crib

before you ask, it's nothing glamorous, that place. It is so 'cute' in the sense that if I stand in one corner of the house, I can hear Fariz peeing in the bathroom-_-"

anyway, at least now we can proudly say.. we have a place to call ours. A few days ago I was suddenly hit by a realization that moving into an empty house despite it being so small is still way easier than into someone else's house. Reminds me of an ex-BF who strictly insisted that we stay with his mother after getting hitch..blerrrgh..luckily I escaped ;p

our house is still very empty but we're filling it up slowly. Frankly, we have nothing but unsurprisingly to me Sthat only means one thing : a whole lot of shopping weee!

so now I have a new hobby. interior design and making wish list :)


I thought that this will be fun until I figured that Fariz still thinks that buying a washing machine is top on his priority list while what I really want is to get an air-cond installed, first thing first!

It is just so freaking hot, these days. The heat made me ask Fariz to not come close to me coz I feel so sticky and uncomfortable. So I let him drool as he look at me from afar hahahaha padan muka!
and we ended up with no cuddles before sleep and waking up facing each others back :(

clearly, comfort is more important to human survival marital bliss, than him being so anal about washing his clothes..pffft

and I want a bed in our bedroom but Fariz thinks loafing on thin mattresses and blankets in the living room is far more adventurous and interesting. and he calls this 'camping'. wth

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