Thursday, May 26, 2011

me and my happy ending

helloooo... anybody (still) here?

Sorry for being pretty MIA lately. I haven't been busy, just lazy -_-". have a listen to The Lazy Song; it pretty much sums up how I feel right now hehe

despite my inactivity, am actually both pleased and surprised to find there is still a trickle of traffic that has been keeping this space alive. and honestly, whenever someone asks me to update my blog , I always feel obligated to do so

So, here goes.. time for a new (crappy) post, just for the sake of it pffftt




So what have I been up to?

curling up in bed reading and counting down the days to seeing that special person again :) It gets really hard being alone in a room that has traces of Fariz in it *ahem but right now, there is one thing that is motivating me to buck up;

our honeymoon!

nothing (and no one) is going to stop me from visiting the mall next weekend. to justify myself I will focus more on the needs for winter *winks*

Having said that, can you now guess where we'll be heading to?

owh but lets not jinx it!

anyway back to the matter in hand, these are the books that I am trying to finish. Yes all three of them all at once.

I know, I know not exactly relevant anymore-_-" but hey some people fawn over their own wedding and perpetually talk/write about them, and at least I don't.

I just want to continue to dream..

Fariz bought me these books prior to our wedding. Remember that time when I was on the verge of a melt-down? (ooooowh such a distant memory) Fariz ran out of stupid jokes to tell me so he brought me to the bookstore instead. I whisked every book with the word 'wedding' or 'bride' off the chick lit shelf.

(I blame it on the cute book covers) hehe

On a slightly related note, Fariz is currently (because he should) having his face buried in books too. Good news is, after 5 semesters of arduous labour, he has finally reach the final stretch! can't wait to say good bye to weekend classes and soon have my husband all to last..

until then, trips to KL has to be put on hold and I shall give him a little more space than what he has asked for (because we both know better how much distraction I am to him) but even if I can't be there in person, I will sure be in spirit. I’m praying to God to let him pass this hurdle with ease and flying colours. because well, we all know he truly deserves it...

all the best to you baby!

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