Thursday, March 25, 2010

Heroin to Methadone: from one hellish nightmare to another?

Fariz suggested that I write about something else, things other than him, perhaps about work, my day or girlfriends and how lovely they are to me..he says he feels uncomfortable reading too much swishy stuff about himself..I must have made him feel like a goddess :p but seriously, whatever I wrote about you sayang, is really you, through my eyes..

I didnt're just..
(see..i just cant help obsessing about you)

So anyway, this is what I've been up to

excuse the poor-quality photo please..i cant be bothered to take another one..the writing on top just says something like 'Kursus Pendispensan and Kaunselling Methadone' for pharmacists or something I'm getting the urge to fill this post with loads of serious medical jargon on drugs and such..but forget it, what is the point of writing this at all if it doesnt make sense to Fariz? (opps Fariz again -sorry :p) -He's probably the only person on this universe who reads this and never gets tired of my ramblings- thank you for your loyalty sayang, thanks..hehehe

ok anyway let see if I can try to explain Methadone in the simplest way..

Methadone... is... like... heroin 'lite'... just like they have those dunhill and dunhill light cigarettes?

So, the idea is to treat heroin addiction by tricking the brain into thinking that it is getting the heroin when its actually not..and the pleasurable effects will be similar to heroin except that there will be no 'rush'/'high' feeling

Other than it can be 'enjoyed' without the fear of getting busted and its free :), methadone is also safer- in the sense that it reduces the risk of all sorts of infections caused by sharing needles between God-knows how many filthy infectious addicts..yes, gross..

the user will eventually need to kick the methadone habit which is much easier to do than to wean someone off heroin although some argued that methadone creates only further and stronger drug addiction and even said that “Harm reduction” has failed, miserably —

but I thought harm reduction is still better than nothing, eh?
ok- no futher comment on this..i need to do more study about it anyway

this is the closet I get to clinical nowdays (yeah sad..)..
no offence though, but Im just such a science person, I love learning about human, I miss pharmacology, I miss handling drugs and working with people rather than papers..

I yearn to learn new things everyday, meet more people and see patients, telling them how to take their meds and simply how to take care of themselves, having them to say 'thank you' and feeling blessed by their smile..

all this law, enforcement things im doing right now just doesnt appeal to me :(

Ps: Sayang, maybe you're right, going back to hospital/ clinical might mot be such a bad idea after all..i will reconsider


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