Sunday, March 21, 2010

Love makes the soul sings

Dont you just love it when songs do the talking for you?

My dear darling Fariz has repeatedly mentioned that he wants to create a playlist of songs that he would love me to listen to..

and he did :)
How sweet is that??
I've got the songs on my Mac and iPod, except that I dont get to listen to them as much (sorry sayang) but I will..I will ..hehe

then he (or was it me??!) threw in another idea of creating our own wedding songs playlist!!

not that we're getting married anytime soon anyway or if we ever will get married, that is..
so dont FREAK out breath in, breath out..sheeshh..

its just that we've got too many songs, mushy-lovey-dovey songs to be exact in our mind that we thought that we might as well make a compilation of them..
so the plan was to have songs that are decent, sweet like sugar that everyone will like...

Here's my initial stab at it..I shall start with the first one: Everything

Lyrics | Michael Buble lyrics - Everything lyrics

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