Wednesday, March 24, 2010

envy me?

dont I just love the way Fariz contradicts himself?

Whilst he canot escape from being a man he is- firm and strong, Fariz is yet gentle and compasionate..almost as if his psyche was made of something as soft as cheese, but melted ones of course..hurrmm..

but I know he thinks he is tough and as adamant as any man should be except that ironically he is so much of a fan for romantic comedies and melancholy sappy love minute he is all manly, assertive and racking his brain making decisions for everything, but the next he becomes somewhat sensitive and touchy, that at times I almost feel that he mutated into becoming half girl..

How paradoxical is that?

The plus side of this 'switch' is when it happens, Fariz somehow becomes incredibly doting, caring and reassuring to the extent that I feel like im talking to a girlfriend..he doesnt just try to put himself in my shoes, he IS in my shoes.. he thinks, feels and sees things from my prespective which is fab! Instead of trying to be heroic, suggesting and offering solutions then getting frustrated and feeling blamed when I turn him down, he just listens, validates and listens again..

Fariz probably really has this 'romanticism' -if there is such word, in his genes, and as he said- it runs in the family :) but lessons grasped from romantic tales must have greatly help to thrive his sweet and chivalrous treatment of women, dont you think?

And did I mention he reads John Gray's stuff, a many many times?

And he told me, if he is a writer or film director, he will want to produce a story about love?

Im not even sure if Fariz would appreciate this being publicized here.. hush-hush sayang, Im sorry but I just cant help myself from venting to the world how affectionate your love, that dont get me wrong, can you not see a glow of pride in me as I wrote this?

Yes envy me girls, envy me :) my boyfriend came from a fairy-land (not at all from Mars like your ones)..he is made of a pocketful of sunshine, his heart from cotton-candy- pink, sweet and fluffy...he is all that I want him to be, almost effortless and already...


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