Monday, March 22, 2010

Plain white T's

On being inspired by Fariz, I have a current obsession to plain white tee's..

Ooops OK I look a lil too white I know..but nvm I cant be bothered to edit these pics again..I have done that twice, today.
I was kindly requested by Fariz to remove a pic of me that he deemed inappropriate to be posted here (how can bending be sexy?) I was fully dressed..

I still cant get my head around it...Fariz must be thinking too much eheh..

Nevertheless as I said earlier, what Fariz think is right for me must be right..I believe him and as a matter of fact, I even feel blessed being looked after and cared for in such a thoughtful way..

Thank you sayang..

On a slightly different note, I feel a bubble of delight rising inside me as I listen to this song; Its ' Write You a Song' by Plain white T's..

I get a vision of Fariz singing this song to me with a smile permanently plastered on his face..I get utterly euphoric just by thinking of him..


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