Friday, March 5, 2010

Brace yourself for a fashion statement

Im getting my braces on in less than 2 weeks! im scared yet excited. Braces bring to mind pain and discomfort but Fariz is coming along to the dentist, so hopefully that'll make the suffering more bearable..Yes, i want him to be with me though i know im definitely going to be so teary and ugly with make up smearing all over my face..but i will still want a shoulder to cry on /no

I ges i just dont tolerate pain very well. Even the spacers hurt so much for the first couple or days. Spacers are tiny elastics bands that fit between the teeth to help them move slightly apart so that there's room to put the braces on. It feels like having giant pieces of steak stuck in between the teeth..

Spacers look like this:

I read everywhere that braces are supposed to hurt less than the spaces. I just hope that'll be true for me too..we'll see.. and braces are becoming less stigmatized and thanks to Tom Cruise (and other famous people) that had them on, braces have become a modern-day fashion statement! I wud like mine in PiNk pleaseee! that they'll match all my other pinky blinky outfits and accessories!

Ok so now that makes me feel better, slightly..

but before i go in to see the dentist i'll still pop in a couple of paracetamol just in case..

and i hope Fariz will take me to have lots and lots of ice-creams, jellies and choki2 right after i get my braces on

This is my adorable Fariz, smiling ear to ear

He is such an eye candy and i love him, very much /blush

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