Tuesday, March 30, 2010

before I go

My heartfelt condolences to everyone in Moscow for the terrible loss of life..may God save lives of those wounded and may those who died rest in peace

Now....female suicide bombers?
What's with these people and the world? Seriously...

Few years back, when the London underground was hit by terror, it was summer. But I was at home in the comfort of family and friends, safe and sound..

"At 8.56am, 21 people died in a blast in a tunnel between King's Cross and Russell Square"

Russell square..
ahh..Russell square station on picadilly line..
that was the route I travel down at least twice a day, every day for 4 years.. to the library and to school..It was my favourite.. fast and reliable, pack with tourist but has never let me down

As I heed the news on BBC, I cannot help from thinking of the what ifs. what if I was there? What if I didnt come home for summer? what if it wasnt summer? I would have definitely been there for school.. What if even it was summer, I was there for some other reason? Or if I was at some other station nearby.. be it Liverpool street or Edgware road? I could have been anywhere..my live in London revolved around these places, although its quite unlikely I would be wandering around as early as 9am..but still....

Life is short and as cliche as it sounds, nothing in life is guaranteed..you'll never know what comes next, or how the future lies ahead of you

before I go, I want to give my heart to those who are worth giving it to..I want to create good memories and make them last forever, and that is what I believe Im doing right now- 'documenting' memories and how I feel about things and such..

My rantings here and there on this blog are meant for Fariz and for him to know and learn how glad I am that our path crossed and he came to light up my life..

Fariz, do you know that love doesnt happen to everyone? some people die without finding out what love is?..some people are not fortunate enough to have felt what we feel?..at least now we know we wont be those people..wasnt it you who told me that to love and to be loved is the greatest happiness of existence?

and you know I have also learned that some people are full of the capacity to love - like me (and you, I believe) - and others are incapable of it in the romantic sense, for whatever reason. Perhaps, fear of commitment, a distorted view of freedom or a deep unwillingness to give themselves over to another or shall I put that as selfish?

But I love the way you love me
strong and wild, slow and easy..
Heart and soul, so completely..
I love the way you love me

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