Saturday, February 19, 2011

the walking doll

I woke up beautifully this morning (without the shrilling tones of my alarm clock) but as I peeked into the mirror.. OMG I looked like I have an electrocuted mop sitting on my head!

it is on bad-hair-days like today, that I actually feel glad I have tudungs to wear hehe

anyway I've been contemplating to get my hair done since forever coz we're on a tight budget at the moment and hair treatments are just so expensive nowadays, especially after considering that it isn't absolutely necessary..

but today I just can't stand the frizziness anymore that I don't even feel like combing it and I need to tame it down badly, so off I went to call Fariz, to consult and complain...

Me: I really reallyy need to do something with my hair. I look like a lion! Grrrr..

Fariz: ok, boleh sayang..Apa saja yang boleh buat you lagi cantik..

Me: hehehe. ok I promise I won't spend more than 400

and so off I the salon looking like this:

a lion + a panda (referring to the dark circle under my eyes)

it felt really nice to have somebody stroking my hair and pulling it gently..ahhh

and after almost 4 freaking hours..of flipping old magazines, staring at the mirror and making faces, crossing legs, sitting with legs on the chair, texting Fariz, wiggling left and right, yawning and almost falling asleep..

a lion no more but still slightly panda-ish

and I even made friends with the hairdresser :)

actually he is the one with the lion hair, here's a close up:

He asked for my facebook coz he wanted to show me to his girlfriend. for God knows why..

anyway hello Kenji!! *waves*
I love my new hair, thanks! and Good luck to opening your own new salon!

I left the hair salon feeling rejuvenated and my head ten pounds lighter..but somehow as I start to walk around the mall again I felt 'naked'

and then I thought...
owh I forgot to put back on my tudung!
*smacks forehead*

No wonder some people were even staring haha

Mommy said I look like a walking doll..obviously, that is her way of saying that I'm cute :p

(sorry, feeling a bit vain today, bluueeek!)

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