Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Jewellery or Jewelery or Jewelry?

Clearly, I was more interested in the artificial jewelleries (I still don't know which spelling is correct -_-" but good ol wikipedia says jewellery is the legitimate spelling in the UK) over the genuine ones hehe

but anyway, I got my ring, yes! and of course not from Forever21, no! can't show you now though but if I do, I know ya'll go "owh uuhh aawww it's sooooooo Syazana" hehe..because it is! it's from the Enchanted series by Diamond and Gold PK, very fairytale-ish and princessy :)

There were many to choose from but I was really worried that I couldn't find what I want. Deep down inside, I was even more worried that I would fall in love with the
'ring' that I couldn't get. If that's the case the 'ring' might even haunt me in my dreams *shudders*

The rings start from the price of my netbook and all the way to the moon hehe. I choose not to burden Fariz and was being an especially nice girl that day *pats self on the back*

Fariz didn't know this, but I consciously tried not to walk pass the glass shelves that had very expensive rings displayed in them, and even when we accidentally do, I shut my eyes to avoid my saliva from drooling all over the floor.. I know that lavishness will only tie us down in the long run..and after all it is not the ring I am getting married to, at the end Fariz is all that I really want :)

also at the jewellery shop, I did had to try on a few gold bracelets because Mommy said Fariz must get me one, on top of the wedding ring itself.

but euuwww, lots and lots of yellow gold jewellery... :yuck!: like seriously..Can't believe how tacky they looked on me!!! :(

I kept on shaking my head and mumbling 'tacky' to everything and Fariz didn't know what the word tacky means, so it was hard to explain. I bet he was confused all the time we were there, too...

Like many other girls, I have always preferred white/silver over yellow gold but Mommy like all the moms in this world did fuss a little over this though. She is soooo NOT chic and old fashioned pffft!!

I might experiment with gold some day but I just don't know at the moment. Even if at the end we did leave the shop with a charm bracelet that I thought was at least cute (because it has a couple of heart shaped trinkets dangling on it awww), I am still not sure if I could ever pull it off and not look like my mom I come from the era of 60's LOL

and I do think appreciation towards gold things and its value comes with age .. which goes to show that I am just NOT ready to grow old, yet!


although if you observe close enough you should have noticed that I've been attempting to dress my age. I am wearing bigger/looser tops and have '
invested' in a couple of long skirts and maxi dresses now. and slowly giving up my favorite pinafore-style tops/short dresses that I usually wear with leggings :( and also bulky colourful fake girlie accessories (and the reason you see more of me in baju kurung at work of late hehe)

Look at my fish! it's huge coz I didn't pick the kiddies' meal,no and in my attempt to eat healthily, I asked for 'vegetables' instead of chips, haha

Yes it's about time to grow up

I can't forever be 26 and living like a 16, now can I?

but growing up doesn't mean growing apart and out of love, I hope....

because I am madly in love with you, Fariz Helmi and I don't want to stop

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