Thursday, February 10, 2011

Do NOT read

oh God, where do I begin

when things like this happen, I get so tempted to write about it. Nothing is quite as therapeutic as a long pointless rant..but now I'm just too tired to blog about anything in detail and I don't usually do this (complain about work on my blog) coz I don't want to be walking around the office knowing that people know about my honest thinking about this job (and some people-which goes to explain why I've never wrote anything about others here) but seriously, the shit that goes around here never fails to amuse me, never..

Geez, you know what ticks me off this time?~ people who are unnecessarily rude. those who never seem to be taught of manners and courtesy (at least to ladies) as if there is something funny, cool, clever or impressive about being a bl**dy mindless f***ing d*ck head a** hole to others..

Pardon my language. Fariz forbids me from swearing but he didn't say I can't cuss in my writing, so yeah until he issues another totally specific warning, give me some face will ya?...

and I was hyperventilating, shaking with anger, I felt heat on my face and almost told the guy to just freaking efff off (note that I said almost, which means I didn't..)

instead I hold back my anger (I swear part of me was scared by the thought that he might rape or rob me or something later on my way back home at midnight!)

because there was no point bringing myself down to his level, really. Mannerism is part of being a professional (he is not a dear colleague, not a customer, not a patient I don't what to call him lah) and ultimately the test of good manners is to be patient with bad ones

though it was hard of course not to offend him back
but it made me a waayyyyy bigger person, just by doing that!

shame on you..pffft! pffft! pfffft!

Sorry I am not my usual sweet-self tonight
It's been a hell of a week for me, just had to channel all this negativity somewhere you know

Life (and work). Always keeping me on my toes.

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