Thursday, February 17, 2011

life is hard

yeah yeah...

life is hard, nobody gets out of it alive -_-"

I am writing this in memory and in keeping memory of my dear aunt. been meaning to do this a week ago but I was at a loss for words to describe my sorrow at her passing which happened last Monday.

Now does that explains the terribly emotional week I had (everything just seemed to spiral into negativity since Monday!) and the reason why Mommy had to be away?

but anyway it was with shock and great sadness that I heard of her death. She wasn’t old by any means- certainly younger than Mommy and young enough to expect many more years to spend with her children and (maybe) grandkids, ahead of her. and oh she was such a beautiful person but it was her verve and zest for life that we especially loved about her :)

She shouldn't have gone too soon, really..

such an upbeat and lively person (and a waaaaaay coooler mom to her children than Mommy is to me) despite all the hardship and heartaches she had to put up with.. mustn't have gone too soon..

she wasn’t really well for the past year or so and clearly was going through a very tough time. I’m sorry for the pain but at least I found a little consolation that her suffering has now end..

so yes, maybe God loves her more..

but I should have really really really spend more time with to her or visit her, or buy her gifts or belanja her makan..

it is true that life is short and we don't seem to appreciate things until it is gone. But it doesn't truly sink in until it's one of your own/love ones that's taken well before their time ...

Mommy and my late aunt
I don't know when was this photo taken, probably during some stone age because I swear our kampung house was made of brick walls !?!

May Allah bless her soul and grant her a place in Jannah (paradise)
and to dear cuzzies, may the good and beautiful memories you have of her, help to sustain you in this difficult time..

p.s: seeing my parents aging and growing weaker, somehow aches.
I will never be ready to see them get hurt or fall sick (with a medical diagnosis that could kill)..
do you feel the same?

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