Friday, February 18, 2011

sunny side up!

I have reached a stage in my life where suddenly, kitchen appliances appear more appealing than fancy dresses and cute tops.

haha you wish!

I told you I am a big girl now, although I still have a lot of growing up to do :p

because today instead of browsing through my much needed daily dose of fashion blogs and polyvore or I found myself channeling to a new interest..

and thanks to google topped up with my hardcore browsing skill, I found these:

I mean if I were really to cook one day, I might as well start with making breakfast, no? if I ever get up that early la, that is..

as you would have guessed, I am no domestic goddess. Fariz might not be that lucky in this sense..but it's not as if that's a crime against nature. been reminding Fariz a lot about this so that he has a crystal clear picture of what NOT to expect. I simply do things when "I feel like it" although I will have to try harder, I know.. because who else will do the freaking cooking, right?

a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do..pfft!

they say the way to a man's heart is through his tummy. I wonder if this lame theory still holds?

perhaps what they were really trying to say is that the way to make a man's heart STAY is through making him grow, ermm...sideways :p

now, that sounds better hehe...

jokes aside, maybe, just maybe what I really need is the gratification that comes from somebody else telling me how he loves my culinary creativity and kitchen creations. I will need to muster up my motivation and love for cooking & other chores but I quite believe that the instinct of a wife (and a mother) comes with age and the inevitable responsibilities of married life..So, why the hurry? the 'intuition' will come, slowly but surely..

Fariz didn't seem to go falling off his chair every time I mention this and so I guess cereal and milk for breakfast will do, as for now

and by the way I believe that domestic responsibilities should be shared equally. like fifty - fifty. Fariz has agreed to this (because he really is, sweet!) in which I hope is his way of saying that he will religiously make me homemade meals too, as required *batting eyelashes*

and also make me smoothies, ice-cream and pop-corn, whenever I feel like it..yumm!!

and maybe some pizza? (because Fariz was once a pizza boy, I must tell you)

sorry behind the pizza was somebody from my past. had to crop him off ,
because Fariz laaaaaagi handsome..ha ha ha!

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