Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Reminiscing series: fairy dust

Contrary to popular belief, living abroad is not always a bed of roses. Difficulties or challenges are expected and it has its own share of hardship and frustrations.

it's like when you live there, you get all homesick and wanted to leave. but when you leave, you wanted to return-_-"

but anyway, perhaps at the end it's normal to only remember the good things and forget the bad. bad memories somehow seem mitigated by the good because every time I look back, I swear part of my reminisce always includes wishing that God would give me another opportunity to do some things all over again...

such as, errr...going to school for free and getting paid to do so (read: scholarship) . Owh how I was blessed hehehe (minus the fact that I've got to serve the government for a good ten years now, yek!)

learning new things everyday, meeting people, falling in love and feeling overwhelmed by the warmth of strangers, breathing in the cold and crisp fresh air, living literally next door to Oxford Street! and calling myself a Londoner *flips hair*

"ait mate, cuppa tea? yeh cheers. lovely weather we're avin innit?" hahaha oops i mean LOL

and then the best part there is: traveling and seeing places...

so because today I had nothing better to do than sift through my disk,
I'd allowed myself to float off to the beautiful distant memories of.. Paris....

aauwww..look at me, even at the ripe age of 24, I don't think I was ever too old for theme parks :)

ok, yeah ok I don't want to jinx it, but..

the most awaited weekend is almost here yeay

to more rollercoasters and beyond!!!!

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