Thursday, March 17, 2011

beauty is pain

Being a girl isn't all fine and dandy. After PMS, we get periods.. which sometimes will make us feel like ripping out our ovaries. But then without them? we would grow beards -_-"

then we have to suffer labor pains, which before a nine months of discomfort that comes with being pregnant: the morning sickness, the weight gain, stretch marks, cravings and all..

Reproduction aside, we girls have to make a lot of sacrifices in the name of beauty, too. We don bras that dig into our chest, we swap comfort for killer heels and we tip toe in stilettoes. We get stiff necks for carrying voluminous handbags that are too heavy, slap our faces with a lot of crap, and yank body hairs out of their roots. yes.. threading, plucking, tweezing, waxing, shaving.. urrgghh..

Even after all of that, at the end not only we're supposed to be pretty, but we are also expected to be petite, polite and perfect.

owh well, see? enough said. I rest my case..

On the flip side, Fariz is a little scruffy as many other men would be. it was hard enough to even get him to use the basic facial things, like the cleanser. Not only he thinks that he can get his face clean enough while he showers, he sometimes just couldn't care less about washing it at all at night and simply plops into bed-_-"

as a result, he has been growing blackheads on his face and nourishing them with junk for over 26 years. the first time I made him stick those biore pore strip and wrench it off his nose, the amount of gunk that came off was..yuck!

So, yada yada..I am now yet to introduce him to the world of toners, moisturizers, day cream, night cream, eye cream, serum, masque and all!

just wait until we start to live under the same roof..we are so going to walk around the house together with facial mask, looking like ghosts! muaaahahaha

anyway, in my latest attempt to make Fariz the hottest boyfriend in town..I finally managed to lecture talk him into having his first ever facial treatment!

with his skin condition and considering that it was his first, there was sure a hell lot of hard work to do...
Fariz was fast to learn that: facial = torture

he didn't like the steamer part and was oh boy! almost whimpering like a baby during the extraction..

me: sakit ke sayang?

Fariz: Mmm..yea..mmm..mmm..mmm..mmm...(voice slurring away with pain)

me: sikit je lagi k..sikit je

Fariz: mmm..mmm (too speechless due to pain)

he was making all sorts of groaning noise, really. made me felt quite embarrassed -_-

I rubbed his arm and held his hand, but even that doesn't seemed to help.. if only he didn't have cotton pads covering his eyes, I would have seen tears streaming down his cheek

after awhile, Fariz raised his white flag of surrender..he begged the aesthetician to stop as she was pricking half-way through his nose which by that time already looked like a fat juicy strawberry, all red and with a lot of big dots...


I wish I have a picture of his strawberry nose, to show you now really..

honestly I still don't quite believe it was all that painful..even I can tolerate it, why can't he?


still adorable, blackheads or not...

p.s: up next: I really really wish I can do something to his hair...or just shave him off till botak

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