Friday, March 4, 2011

sandwich yum yum

Here I am, almost a year and a half into the most incredible relationship, wondering what good did I do that I got to be so lucky to be with a man who equals to everything I have ever wanted, and yet he thinks he's the lucky one to have me in his life.

Fariz doesn't smoke like ex-bf A, he is cooler, waaaaaaay way cooler than ex-bf B, is never mean like ex-bf C and is as charming as ex-bf D. He is the most forgiving, most romantic, the funniest, the most generous, the most intelligent, the one who sings with the best voice, has the coolest job, biggest dream and brightest future.

owh Ok I know any man loathes being compared to another man. It drags their towering ego down the edge. but it's a different story if it's a flattering comparison, no? Nobody, be it in the past or future can beat Fariz, after all...

Anyway yeah there goes..the best boyfriend in the whole world once again reinstated his position :)

but lets face it. Fariz is not perfect.

because he is IMPOSSIBLE! such an unbelievable clumsy little freakkkkkkkk I tell you! every now and then, doing things that get under my skin!

Today as he was leaving to see me, he accidentally lock himself out of the house. and as if that is not bad enough, he actually got stuck in between two doors~ the metal grille and the front door... a sandwich!!!!

I have never been to his place, so I can only wonder how on earth did he manage to fit himself through the narrow slit in between the grille and the door which I imagine looks like the one we have at home

Fariz: Sayang, I don't think I can come to see you.

Me: what happened?

Fariz: I'm trapped between the doors!!!!! I left my keys on the knob in the inside

uurghh but howwww??! you're soooo fatttt! but he sounded really stressed and hurt, I just can't bring myself to upset him even more.

I called him back awhile after he told me he is waiting for his housemate to come to his rescue. Lucky thing he got his phone with him

Me: you ok dear sayang?

Fariz: No! T_T

Me: what are you doing now?

Fariz: Nothing. I can't do anything, can't even sit


the vision of him being 'jailed' and standing in the small space between two closed doors was too silly and pitiful that I wanted to cry and laugh at the same time. and I imagine his face looking like this:

Fariz's rare 'muka seposen'

aww so cute yet so kesian
exactly how he would look when he is stressed out or after getting scolded by me

me? I look as fierce as always

but of course he wouldn't appreciate any scolding for now, so... after he feels better later, maybe *evil laugh*

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