Monday, March 7, 2011

thank you for the memories

Never mind those women who want an all girlie only bachelorette bash. it's what the bride wants that counts! fun or not so fun, I don't want Fariz to miss any of it.

and Fariz too, deserves a celebration for his hard work and success in his recent exams :) so the trip was all on me (I suddenly became really generous and kind after I rob him all out & mercilessly for the 'duit hantaran') hahaha.

so anyway what happened was...we basked under the scorching hot sun, acted all cute & touristy and took photos every 3 steps away..typical yet fun :)

we jumped, we yelped and screamed our hearts out. we hugged tighter and breathed harder. Then, we giggled it all away. the thrill of getting tossed in all direction and the glorious adrenalin storm that comes with riding all the roller coasters there is, freak the hell out of us but at the end only left us wanting more :)

and owh the slight misadventure and little drama we had at the end of the trip, I feel tired even just thinking about it.. but I'm glad I went with a bunch of sweet girlfriends and a cool guy who made it bearable, all in all

Thank you Fariz and girls, for the memories. *blows kisses*

well yeah we survived the Battlestar Galatical rides, with err rolling heads and flying hearts!

Lee Yin refusing to take the Revenge of the Mummy ride..pffft!
don't really understand her willingness to look after our bags, but thanks a bunch anyway :p

finally a taste of Hollywood at Mel's Drive In..

and big chunky english style chips :) or fat french fries as the Americans call it

Princess Fiona (to Fariz): Awww you must have been working really hard, you've got 4 princesses
Me: well I hope not -_-"

Princess Fiona: Did your Prince made you wait for a very very long time?
Me: err Yes, 26 years!

we can't have Shrek, but we can at least have his head or face or ear..

I really want this Princess Fiona's tiara, but Lee Yin was like "Syazana, don't buy rubbish!" -_-" uhh well okaaaay.

usually she's the one who always goes yeah nice, nice buy buy. weird..

soaking up the UV rays but nobody bothered to slap on more sunblock, so we hided under the umbrellas instead

Fariz too started to develop heat rash after awhile and was itching everywhere so I made him take Loratadine 10mg STAT. Thank God we're all pharmacists hahaha

Told you we acted all cute and err funny :p

nowadays you don't have to be a celebrity to receive an Oscar or Hollywood award. You just need to be like Fariz and all the trophies go to you :)

but owh well there goes, a toast to the end of my singlehood..
a little more than one month to go! sigh...

p.s: more pictures on FB


  1. hehe.. hi.. i'm nadia..glad to know u..
    shaye kawan farez.. ;p