Monday, July 26, 2010

my heart beats your name

The weekend was a piece of cake..I don't know how others feel but as I see it, everything turned out well and smooth sailing... and as cheesy as this may sound, Fariz was beyond perfect, he is a dream come true, as always..

and I wonder if it is safe now, to actually declare that Fariz is my first and only true love.. Lately I've had my mind changed about a lot of things. Such as, love has no past tense. There is no such word as loved and if you stop loving someone, then perhaps you have never truly loved them before in the first place..Right? No?

You know why? because nothing ever feels so right like this before...I never thought I would wake up one morning with a shinny rock sitting on my finger...and I never thought I would see the day when there is a great man out there who I can proudly call mine, my darling fiancé...

So.. I suppose this is how love feels like..or
how love is supposed to feel like

which one?

but anyway, most importantly...the great adventure of wedding prep is yet to begin! (or has it?) If you ask me, I am awfully afraid..of what? of many things..and I can go on and on about my long list of worries and uncertainties, but lets just not get me is probably suffice if you know that paranoia is well associated in my genes.. and stress is my favourite word which I repeat every 10 least you should be glad that as a woman I can blame things on PMS but on the I days I can't, I allow you to just believe that I am borderline crazy..

having said that, it became obvious that the #1 on my top to-do list is to keep my sanity intact. I see that maintaining as much peace and harmony as possible between me and Fariz (like we always had, trust me) as our priority. Because at the end, happiness is our goal. Aside from that, I believe, everything else will follow :)


  1. congratulationss..:)its ur engagement right? :D

  2. hye cousin to be.....
    do take care of my dear cousin k. even i kno u mmg jaga dia sangat2 pon. hahaks...
    anyway..... congrats!!!!

  3. hi khairana :)

    nice to meet you (well, virtually)
    and thank you
    dun worry Fariz ni sgt senang dijaga sbb dia baik mcm angel hehe