Wednesday, July 14, 2010

bling bling boulevard

In the dazzling world of bling bling boulevard, things can get overwhelming in a flash.. Fariz and I have both talked all we want about getting married someday, but only until the moment I realised how busy he was hunting hi and lo for the perfect ring for me, it gets a lot more real..

The problem was neither of us had a good idea of what I put it in another way, I also refused to pick the ring completely by myself and I wanted it to be a surprise, you know like the way they do it in hollywood, and Fariz was (kind of) up for the challenge...and as an add-on I even told him to not buy me what I like or he likes, instead to get me something that I deserve...but then he responded 'Noooooo sayang, don't put it that way coz you deserve the worrrrld..and I can 't afford to give you the world (just yet)'

So, okaaaaaay since my blunt demand seemed to add to the pressure, I took back my words and emailed him pictures of a selection of rings that I am particularly fond of..with that I gave him a sense of my taste in jewelry..and then I put the ball in his court by telling him that I love his style too and I trust that he will choose something gorgeous after all..

and on Monday, Fariz finally decided on a ring that he thought was the most perfect ring the entire time he went ring hunting...and it seemed to me that his liking for that ring has overrides his desire to save some coin.. he went waaaaay waaay over the initial budget (and shamelessly told me about how much he begged and bargained the sales lady for more reduction) :p Now that is what I call spending ching for a bling!

Speaking of which, I will be only seeing the ring in two weeks time..right now it's still a mystery under lock and the end of the day I don't think it matters what size, shape and setting the ring has as long as it is from Mohd Fariz Helmi!!

he is lovely isn't he? xxx

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