Thursday, July 22, 2010

I googled you

Many times I find myself burying my face in this computer screen and thinking mmmm.. what should I google today?? Call me a geek, whatever..but honestly, I should be banned from google though, before I start googling my life away and end up with googlelitious or googlelism, whichever sounds better..

or even worse, before I end up into the habit of doing little researches on people who interest me and finding out not-so-pleasant things about them that I rather have not known, or should not know

but like today when I was just waaaay to curious about everyone and everything to have not done this one, I succumbed to the temptation and typed a few letters of my favourite word in that box, hit the 'enter' and voila! - found myself at farizhensem.fotopages yet again! clicking away through a bunch of unimpressive, unattractive (need me to say more?) old photos of him with silly captions and smiling to myself as I wonder how it would have been if I met him then, when we were just eighteen plus two :p

my verdict: even with the same twinkle in his eyes and a beaming smile painted across his face and that he is now fatter, Fariz looks waaay better as a man, than a boy

see? doesn't he look deep-fried oily and smelly
and what's with that pose? urrghh...soo-not-cool

and you know what else?
I scored some mushy photos of this darling of mine with his ex-girlfriend too! but no photos of them here of course with all due respect to the young lady, whoever she is and me for obvious reasons!

told you how informative google can be..but like everything else, too much googling can be bad..heh..

so ok I shall stop then, for now :p

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