Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I cannot wait till we meet again

It must have been pretty annoying to visit here and realise that there is nothing new yet again..Pardon me for the short hiatus.. Just so that you all know, I am still breathing air and stepping on solid ground..except that life has not been the least bit interesting. Reason being? Me and Fariz haven't been going out for a bit too long which leaves me with so little, if none at all mushy things to write about..sigh..

but if you are wondering whether Fariz has given up being an angel and flying me high up on cloud nine, you are dead wrong and you should be envious.. because Fariz is still as totally amazing as the way he has always been

by that I mean those same ol' same ol' love texts that awaits me every morning, the casual small talk and silence that isn't awkward, the sound of his guitar and the songs he sings to me when I don't want to talk, but refuse to hang up either or the bedtime stories (which are actually Japanese manga) that he enthusiastically reads to me and finally the endless hugs and kisses before goodbye

you know, basically all those little tittle-tattles that colours the day and make you smile yourself to sleep and have the sweetest dreams..

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