Thursday, August 5, 2010

dreams are free

I know that in the quest for a wedding of my dream, a time-consuming nerve-racking preparation is inevitable. Even after only a fortnight since the E day, I am already constantly bombarded by the things I think I need to make our wedding perfect. At this point, it’s just hard to tell what really matters and what does not. But isn't it only natural that I want to have my big day as glitzy and as plush as I have envisioned?

So as we are starting to really get into the planning , I find myself endlessly pestering Fariz with ideas and dreams of which I anticipate will evoke petty fights and bickering between the realistic him and idealist within me. But yada yada! though this might not come as something new but it is pretty proven now that Fariz is one of those typical anything-you-want-honey kind of guy. He is OK with all the nitty-gritty wedding details as long as I am pleased, which of course I am not going to complain about :)

Probably all we need is to pray that we are given enough strength to face all there is in store for us. And I've decided that perfection is probably a little too far off the horizon. Our wedding will be anything but grand..We are convinced that there will be some “fluff” stuff that we won't get to have because it just won't make the cut..and the things we plan can and probably will go wrong at some point. But we will still have a special day, regardless.

Wish I can fast forward the time, I cannot wait!

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